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A New Sound and a New Season: A Word for the United States – Nathan Shaw

The political situation in the United States is full of contention and strife. The primary issue is not politics. There is a spiritual battle raging. The real issue is the destiny of a nation. Into this situation God is calling His people to exercise priestly authority (1 Peter 2:5, 9, Revelation 1:6, 5:10). Priests have spiritual authority. In praying for the United States God led me to do two things:

  1. Call forth a new sound.
  2. Take authority over the air waves.

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God’s Plans for the Nations with Specific Details about the United States, Australia, New Zealand – Daphne Taylor

Dream Received April 2017

In my dream I found myself above the world. I was with God and looking down over the world. I did not see God but I knew I was beside Him. He showed me the larger land masses and I could see separate areas with boundary lines dividing up continents and states within the land. I was too high to determine exactly which countries each land mass was. The land was lifted up out of the sea. Next I saw large groups of people, not individuals, but outlines of crowds. They were all moving different ways over many boundary lines. Some were moving with negative intent, some were simply caught up in the moving crowds, a small portion moved with purpose. I was disturbed to see such confusion and evil intent among so many people.

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Anzacs It's Time! – Heather Gullery

I had a dream on the 16th of September 2016. In the dream I was in the back seat of a car. There were two young girls in the front of the car. I was prophesying that New Zealand and Australia were going to have a great revival. The girls turned around and looked at me with shocked looks on their faces and exclaimed, “Rodney Howard Browne has just prophesied the same thing!” Then the car began to fly over water with huge rocks on each side of us. It looked amazing. Then I said, “Even the stones will cry out.”

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Harvest Time (New Zealand, Australia, England) – Jeanette Dale

Many years ago I had a spiritual visitation. A man appeared to me dressed as an Australian army soldier. No words were spoken, he just looked at me. I was shocked and had no revelation or understanding of what it meant.

Years later the Lord sent me to the United Kingdom for a five and a half month period. During my stay there I had four significant visions.

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ANZUS, the East Gate, and the Alignment of the Nations – Nathan Shaw

God has a plan to bless the nations. The enemy has a plan to pre-empt chaos in the nations. It is not time for end-time chaos. One of the main ways the enemy brings chaos is by turning nations against Israel. God promised Abraham that his descendants would become a great nation. That promise was fulfilled in the nation of Israel. God made an additional promise to Abraham: The nations who blessed Israel would be blessed, but the nations who cursed Israel would be cursed (Genesis 12:1-3). The enemies plan is to turn nations against Israel. God’s plan is to turn nations toward Israel. God is working to bring the nations into alignment with His purposes.

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Praying for the U.S. Election and Beyond - Nathan Shaw

During the third presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, God prompted me to pray. Many years ago God placed the United States on my heart. On a personal level I have been blessed by many ministries that have come from the States. On an international level I believe there is a high calling on the States to release a Kingdom standard into the nations of the earth. This call is fiercely contended.

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Word For Singapore - Nathan Shaw

Like a multifaceted jewel that reflects the light, God desires to display the light of His glory through Singapore. She is strategically positioned to be a light to the nations.

A strong foundational ethic and wise leadership have helped the nation to prosper, however any strength pushed too far can become a weakness. Singapore's greatest strengths are also her greatest weaknesses.

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Word For Australia - Nathan Shaw

Australia is still to step into her full position in the nations. As global balances of power change Australia's role in the nations will increase. God will favor her in the sight of many nations.

Australia and New Zealand have complimentary but unique destinies. The ties between these two nations will increase but they will also appreciate each others differences.

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Word for the United States - Nathan Shaw

Freedom is in the foundation of the United States. Freedom was in the hearts of her founders. Freedom was promoted, established and protected through her constitution. Freedom overflowed her towns and cities during the first and second great awakenings. Because of this the United States has been blessed like few nations in history. And this freedom hasn't only stayed within her shores. From the United States great freedom has gone forth that has blessed the nations. But also from the United States much evil has gone forth that has ensnared the nations. With the privilege of great freedom came great responsibility. Freedom spent wrongly led to selfishness, carnality and perversion.

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Word for New Zealand - Nathan Shaw

New Zealand is a prophetic forerunner nation. She has a strategic role to wake up the nations in preparation for Jesus' return. New Zealand will impart new zeal to the body of Christ worldwide. Like John the Baptist she will be “a voice of one crying in the wilderness.” John the Baptist's ministry was characterised by three prophetic cries.

  1. Behold the King!
  2. Behold the Lamb!
  3. Behold the Bridegroom!

New Zealand will release these same prophetic cries to the nations. She will have a prophetic authority disproportionate to her size.

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