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A Time to Refresh the Prophets - Brisbane 2016

Jacob's Dream - Nathan Shaw
Holy Spirit Move - Nathan Shaw
Entrepreneurs and Prophets - Nathan Shaw

The Personality of God

Four really neat things about God.
The Laughing God - Nathan Shaw
God gives you permission to laugh.
The Childlike God - Nathan Shaw
God is the most childlike being in the universe.
The Colorful God - Nathan Shaw
God is stunningly beautiful and intensely colorful.
The God of Surprises - Nathan Shaw
He is still the God of surprises.

The Language of the Spirit - Nathan Shaw

When you visit another country you need to know the language of that country to effectively engage in its culture. Understanding the language of Heaven enables you to engage the Spirit realm. The language of Heaven is not complicated. Even a child can understand it.

Harvest Time (New Zealand, Australia, England) - Jeanette Dale

Through a series of visions God spoke to Jeanette about a glorious season of harvest for New Zealand, Australia, England and the nations.


The Colorful God - Nathan Shaw

God is stunningly beautiful and intensely colorful.


Living In The Unseen Realms Of God

Conference with Kathie Walters and Nathan Shaw.


Defeating the Spirit of Jezebel - Nathan Shaw

Everyone who walks in the full authority of their destiny and call will have to overcome this demonic assignment.


Elijah's Mantle - Nathan Shaw

Learning to go after and receive mantles are important aspects of walking in our destinies.


Humility - Nathan Shaw

Humility is one of the biggest keys to walking in the anointing.


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