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Prophetic Ministry Is Going To A New Level – Nathan Shaw

Radical changes are coming to the depth and focus of prophetic ministry. In recent decades the church has come to understand and appreciate the importance of prophetic ministry. During this time many good foundations have been laid. However, we are stepping into dimensions that far surpass present realities. Two strategic foundations will take greater prominence:

  1. The prophetic power of blessing.
  2. The importance and significance of standing in God’s council.

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Eagles and Crows – Tammy Uys

Vision Received 4th December 2017

I heard a voice say, “Come up and see.”

When I entered heaven I saw a very unusual scene: A battle in the heavens but displayed on a huge L.E.D. screen. All of heaven was watching. There were thousands of eagles engaged in a fight with crows. The eagles represented prophetic and intercessory ministry and the crows represented unclean thoughts and deeds. There were many more crows than eagles and the battle was fierce. Many eagles dropped out of the fight wounded or even dead. I stood there totally shocked.

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2018: A Year of Unexpected and Extraordinary Turnarounds – Nathan Shaw

In 2018 there are going to be many sudden, dramatic and unexpected turnarounds as God tips things in our favor. A few years ago the enemy took some things from me. It was a multi-pronged assignment that targeted several areas of my life simultaneously. The emotional impact was huge. In the midst of it God gave me a dream. In the dream I was talking on the phone with a lady called Mrs. Tipper. Mrs. Tipper was very excited because she knew God was going to move in three strategic areas of my life. They were the exact areas the enemy had targeted. God was reassuring me that things would not remain the way they were. It was His way of giving me a “tip-off” about the future. Two weeks later God spoke to me and said, “I’m going to tip things in your favor.” Sometimes it looks like everything is going totally wrong and then God surprises us by using the mess to tip things in our favor.

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Word for 2018: Take Up the Jawbone of a Donkey – Nathan Shaw

Recently I have been asking God about the year 2018. In a dream He showed me a coin. Written on the coin were the words, “Take up the jawbone of a donkey.” The phrase refers to Samson killing a thousand Philistines with the jawbone of a donkey (Judges 15:15)! God is going to do some surprising things in 2018. There will be significant and surprising breakthroughs in politics, in churches, in ministries, in businesses and in individual lives.

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Mantles and Influence – Nathan Shaw

This generation will be marked by an unprecedented release of mantles from heaven. These mantles will be used to halt the plans of the enemy and establish God’s government on the earth. One of the clearest biblical examples of the influence of a mantle is the prophet Elijah. Elisha also carried Elijah’s mantle (2 Kings 2:1-15). These two prophets were feared and respected by kings and people alike. David received a mantle from God when Samuel anointed him to be king of Israel (2 Samuel 16:13). David was still young when this happened. He didn’t become king until many years later. In the meantime his life was shaped by the mantle he carried. Mantles carry authority, movement and revelation.

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Michael Jackson, Mantles and Creativity – Nathan Shaw

“Michael Jackson’s mantle is available if you want it.” The statement came as a surprise. I certainly wasn’t expecting God to tell me that. God often speaks to me in unexpected ways and at unexpected moments, and interestingly enough, often when I’m not specifically focused on Him. But this time I was in an anointed atmosphere and caught up in worship. Joshua Mills was leading the time of worship and the glory of God was tangible. Many would be shocked to think that Michael Jackson had a mantle from God, and maybe even more surprised to hear that that mantle was available to those who wanted it. Regardless, I’ve learned to trust that which God speaks to me.

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Strategic Connections – Nathan Shaw

Strategic connections are game changers. They open doors of opportunity that didn’t exist previously. Sometimes it can seem like nothing has happened for years—and then suddenly an unexpected connection changes everything. We are about to see a dramatic increase of strategic connections.

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Mary of Bethany: A Prophetic Model to an End-time Generation – Nathan Shaw

Mary of Bethany is definitely one of my favorite bible characters. I love her extravagant devotion to Jesus. Jesus gave His twelve disciples authority to perform dramatic signs and wonders (Matthew 10:1). The sick were healed and the demonized were set free. No such thing is recorded about Mary. She is distinguished simply because she is so often at the feet of Jesus (Luke 10:39, John 11:32, 12:3).

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Father, Warrior, and Consuming Fire – Nathan Shaw

I love watching God encounter people by His Spirit. I have often seen God simultaneously encounter people in a meeting and reveal Himself in totally different ways to each person. The book of Acts paints a similar picture.

In Acts chapter 2 the Holy Spirit rushed upon 120 believers and gave them a voice—“We hear them speaking in our own tongues the wonderful works of God” (Acts 2:11). This was the start of a chain reaction. The new found boldness in the lives of the 120 led to 3000 people being “cut to the heart,” baptized in water, and initiated into a radical new lifestyle (Acts 2:37-47). But that still wasn’t the end.

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Prophecy, History, and Anointed Scholarship – Nathan Shaw

Recently I woke up with the following phrase in my mind, “If you don’t follow the traces, you won’t discover history.” God highlighted two things to me:

  • Firstly, the importance of understanding history. Those who understand history have a much greater prophetic authority than those who don’t. History is not a mystery to God. With His help we can correctly discern the past, the present, and the future.
  • Secondly, God is raising up voices from among those who are diligent students of biblical and secular history. They will speak with a prophetic authority that will bring clarity to areas of confusion and misunderstanding.

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Meeting the Seven Spirits of God – Tammy Uys

The prophet Isaiah reveals seven aspects of God's Spirit (Isaiah 11:2).

  1. The Spirit of the LORD.
  2. The Spirit of Wisdom.
  3. The Spirit of Understanding.
  4. The Spirit of Counsel.
  5. The Spirit of Might.
  6. The Spirit of Knowledge.
  7. The Spirit of the Fear of the LORD.

In the experiences that follow I meet with the Seven Spirits and learn important lessons from them.

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Prophecy Isn't Protest, It's Governmental Decree – Nathan Shaw

Recently I woke up and heard God say, “Prophecy isn’t protest, it’s governmental decree.” I was intrigued and a little puzzled. I inquired of God. He highlighted two people to me: King David and the prophet Nathan. Nathan is mentioned in connection with two events in David’s life.

The first event is recorded in 2 Samuel 7. David desired to build a temple for God. When Nathan heard David’s desire he responded, “Go, do all that is in your heart, for the LORD is with you” (2 Samuel 7:3). That night God corrected Nathan, revealing that it was Solomon who would build the temple, and not David. At the same time Nathan also received a profound revelation about God’s plan to establish the future of David’s throne (2 Samuel 7:11-16). David’s throne would have an ongoing governmental authority beyond anything the earth had ever known before.

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God's Deliverers and the Three Levels of Freedom – Nathan Shaw

Freedom is the rallying cry of many deliverers that God is raising up. Three streams of revelation will become increasingly prominent. These streams mirror the three stages of freedom that Israel experienced as she left Egypt and inherited the Promised Land.

  • The first level of freedom involved deliverance from slavery in Egypt.
  • The second level of freedom involved learning the ways of God in the wilderness.
  • The third level of freedom involved inheriting the Promised Land.

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The Joseph Anointing: Prophetic and Entrepreneurial – Nathan Shaw

The nations are entering a time of transition and change. We should not be afraid. God has prepared many “Josephs” in advance. Joseph was God’s secret weapon. He was used to save the ancient world during a time of extreme famine. Some Josephs are already being positioned to handle future crises. Other Josephs will come forth in the midst of crises. Joseph was both prophetic and entrepreneurial. This made him unique. Usually prophets are prophets and entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs. In Joseph these two anointings combined.

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The Breaker Anointing – Tammy Uys

I distinctly heard God say, “Get ready to move in the breaker anointing.” I had never heard the term 'breaker anointing' before. I did a search on the internet and found an article by Jill Austin (Click here). Jill’s article confirmed the things God was speaking to me. The breaker anointing causes heaven to break in on the earth. It is time to move in this anointing.

There is a powerful shift happening right now. In the spirit realm there is a gateway of change. This gateway is kept open through prayer. When it is open the things that God has purposed for the earth are released and come into full manifestation. Angelic messengers are released through this doorway. These messengers are intercepted by demonic forces. They depend on our prayers to carry out their assignments.

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2017: A Year of Convergence - Nathan Shaw

2017 is a pivotal year in the timing of God. There will be significant and dramatic changes, but this will be a beginning, not an end. Transitions usually cause things to shake. These shakings should not faze us. Rather we need to understand the big picture. When Israel was delivered from Egypt three realities converged:

  1. God’s prophetic time clock.
  2. A full measure of iniquity.
  3. A cry for freedom.

Israel’s deliverance from Egypt and her conquering of the Promised Land were dependent on the convergence of these three realities. These same realities will converge in 2017.

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A Season of Profound Encounters and New Authority - Nathan Shaw

There are strategic times and seasons when God encounters His church in unique ways. About twenty years ago God released many profound encounters, strategic destinies and powerful mantles. Many who received these mantles remained hidden. In the intervening years there has been a deep work of maturity. Now is the time when they will begin to walk in the full authority of their mantles. Jacob’s life is a prophetic model.

In Genesis 28 Jacob had a profound dream (Genesis 28:12-17). In the dream three images were highlighted to him:

  1. A stairway.
  2. Angels ascending and descending.
  3. The LORD (Yahweh).

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A New Sound and the Armor of Light - Nathan Shaw

Recently God gave me the following dream:

A young lady was playing a guitar and singing a song from the front of a church. She had red hair. The song was one that she had written previously but she sung it differently than before. The rhythm was slower than the original composition. It was very anointed and drew people into deep and engaged worship. There were two pillars at the front of the church. Painted—one on each pillar—were two angels. The angels were distributing God's armor of light.

The young lady represents a company of men and women with a psalmist anointing. Many of these psalmists are already anointed but they will begin to sing in a new way. It will activate the angelic realm and release great authority. In Genesis 1 the mandate to have dominion over the earth was given to both Adam and Eve (Genesis 1:26-28). When men and women walk together in their God ordained authority the result is dominion. A new sound will come forth from men and women that will release this dominion.

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Three Spiritual Governments - Nathan Shaw

There are three dynamic spiritual governments operating in the church today. These three governments also operated in the time of King Saul. All three of them are charismatic. All three of them are supernaturally empowered. In the time of King Saul these governments were represented by Samuel, Saul and David. These three men carried great authority and were surrounded by like minded disciples. I describe them as follows:

  1. Samuel and the ecstatic prophets.
  2. Saul and the ambitious nation.
  3. David and the mighty men.

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It's Gonna Be HUGE! - Nathan Shaw

Recently I saw an interview with Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump. The interviewer was playfully mimicking Trump saying, “It's gonna be HUGE!” A few weeks later I was praying for this generation and I heard God say, “It's gonna be HUGE!” Suddenly the phrase was loaded with prophetic significance. Huge shifts are about to take place in the nations—both politically and spiritually. God has a plan for the nations and he is strategically positioning them like chess pieces on a chess board. Please note that it is not my purpose to predict who will be the next president of the United States. This article is not about the presidential election in the United States. It is about something much bigger. God gave me two words that describe many of the shifts that are about to happen. The words were: Unexpected and unconventional.

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Cinderella Doesn't Like Matilda - Nathan Shaw

God can use stories and even fairy tales to teach us profound lessons. Recently I woke during the night and heard God say, “Cinderella doesn't like Matilda.” My initial response was curiosity. It seemed such an odd thing to say. I knew the story of Cinderella, but who was Matilda? I vaguely recalled that children's author, Roald Dahl, had written a book called Matilda. I checked my bookshelf. Sure enough I found the book. I set about reading it to see if I could unravel the riddle.

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Love Revolutionaries and the Realm of Divine Might - Nathan Shaw

David and his mighty men pioneered a new normal in Israel. Supernatural exploits became common. There were three stages to the process:

  1. God raised up David as a pioneer.
  2. David trained a rag tag group of men.
  3. Within one generation Israel was radically transformed.

Many Davids—both men and women—will arise and pioneer a new normal in our generation. Pioneers open up new realms of experience for others. When this happens that which is rare becomes common.

David and his mighty men were legendary because they operated in the realm of divine might. This realm is available to every Christian: Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might (Ephesians 6:10). At the moment only a small number of Christians operate in the realm of divine might. This is about to change.

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Fruitful Vineyards: A Sign of the Harvest – Patricia Sowman

I live in Marlborough, New Zealand. There are many vineyards in Marlborough. It is an expanding industry. I had joined the negative bandwagon that was saying, “There are too many vineyards. When will they stop putting in new ones. There is not space for another crop.” The Lord corrected me and said, “Patricia, do not say that any more. The vineyards are a prophetic barometer about My harvest of souls.

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What Will A Revival Generation Look Like? - Nathan Shaw

In every generation God releases prophetic forerunners that define a new normal. These anointed vessels are often out of sync with the current generation. They come with different values, different perceptions, and different perspectives. These differences often set up a cycle of rejection:

  • The current generation feels rejected by the prophetic forerunner.
  • The prophetic forerunner is then rejected by the current generation.

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Prophets Are Like Herb Gardens - Nathan Shaw

Recently I woke up in the night and heard God say, “Prophets are like herb gardens.” I was intrigued. It made me inquire further, “God, how are prophets like herb gardens?” Herbs have strong flavor. Used well they can radically transform a common dish into something delectable. Used wrongly they can overpower a dish and even make it unpalatable. God is infinitely creative. Every prophet is unique. They each have their own flavor. This is how God intended it to be. But how do we get the right flavors into the right dishes?

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Sonship and Authority - Nathan Shaw

Recently a friend of mine kept waking up at 1:11 and 1:22 in the morning. I suggested he look at all the bible verses that relate to these two times and see if the Holy Spirit highlighted anything to him. I decided to look through the bible myself. There were many good verses but I was particularly drawn to Mark 1:11 and Mark 1:22. The revelation in these two verses applies not just to my friend but also to the wider body of Christ.

The main theme of Mark 1:11 is sonship. John the Baptist had just baptized Jesus. Immediately the voice of the Father came from heaven, "You are My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased."

The main theme of Mark 1:22 is authority: And they were astonished at His teaching, for He taught them as one having authority, and not as the scribes.

Jesus operated in an authority that came from His identity as a son. Sonship is the foundation for kingdom authority.

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2016: A Year of Change - Nathan Shaw

2016 is a year of change. Many will begin to operate in greater dimensions of kingdom authority and kingdom provision.

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Vision of Pillars and Purple Fabric - Jeanette Dale

As I looked I saw a gateway to the east. Through the gateway I saw many many strong marble pillars standing in position – row after row. The pillars turned into people – married couples and individuals who had believed the word of God and had not wavered. No matter what had happened in the natural they had held on to God's promises.

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A Prophetic Perspective - Nathan Shaw

To gain a prophetic perspective for the times in which we live it is important to understand both where we have come from and also where we are going. During the last few decades God has released strategic revelation that is necessary if we are going to walk in our full inheritance. In addition to this God has a prophetic blueprint for the coming days that gives us insight into that which He is requiring of us in the here and now.

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Grace And The Finished Work Of The Cross - Nathan Shaw

Grace and the finished work of the cross are foundational concepts in the New Testament. Concepts benefit us little, however, if we don't understand the nuts and bolts of their practical applications in our every day lives. For example, how do we overcome sin and live in righteousness? Does the finished work of the cross mean that we don't have to do anything? The phrase implies that Jesus has already done it all for us. Or do we play a part in accessing this finished work? Is grace automatically bestowed on us or do we play a part in walking in grace?

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A New Breed Of Leadership - Nathan Shaw

God is raising up a new breed of leadership. These leaders will open up spiritual gateways that will completely change the shape of the future. Two of the most significant gateways in Israel were the cities of Hebron and Jerusalem. David ruled from Hebron for seven years and then took the stronghold of Jerusalem. Once both gateways were opened God's glory flooded the nation. Jerusalem became established as the joy of the whole earth (Psalm 48:2). Today many gates are waiting for their Davids. The Davids of today include both men and women. They can be found in many diverse situations and circumstances.

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Seasons of Harvest - Nathan Shaw

God often speaks through natural events. There has been a lot of flooding throughout New Zealand in the last month (June 2015). New Zealand is a prophetic forerunner nation. Recently I keep hearing a prophetic announcement in the spirit declaring, "It's harvest time!" The announcement has the intensity of a trumpet sound. God announces things so that we can know the season and be ready for the season. Although the following article was originally written in 2005 it is as relevant for today as when it was first written.

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An Encounter With Jesus – Sue Nesbit

Twenty years ago I had a powerful encounter with Jesus. Recently God prompted me to share this encounter because of its significance for the times in which we live. I was in a Holy Spirit meeting in the town of Mosgiel, New Zealand. Holy Spirit came upon me powerfully. I was lying on the floor face down and a vision opened before me.

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The Love Revolution - Nathan Shaw

There is a poignant moment in the movie "The Fellowship of the Ring." Frodo – a simple hobbit - has been given the mission of destroying the ring of power. Overcome with the enormity of the task Frodo says to the wise and seasoned Gandalf, "I wish the ring had never come to me. I wish none of this had happened." Gandalf answers, "So do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us."

There are powerful moments in history that change the future forever. We live in such a time.

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The East Gate - Nathan Shaw

I woke up during the night, looked at the clock and went straight back to sleep. The time was 4:44am. Some time later I realized that God was speaking to me. He led me to Ezekiel 44:4.

Also He brought me by way of the north gate to the front of the temple; so I looked, and behold, the glory of the LORD filled the house of the LORD; and I fell on my face.

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Gateway Cities – Nathan Shaw

Most people today have a revival mentality. Revivals come and go. But how do you strategically open a nation so that the glory of God abides there on a continual basis? Firstly you have to discern and open the gateways. Cities are gateways. When heavenly gateways are open, heaven floods through a city. When demonic gateways are open, perversion infiltrates and dominates a city.

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Prophecy and Illegal Agendas - Nathan Shaw

Prophecy is a gift given to the body of Christ to bring great blessing. It is a plan of the enemy to take that which God has given and use it for evil. This can easily happen when those with authority from God operate with illegal agendas that are not in line with the government of God's kingdom. Jesus confronted this plainly in the Sermon on the Mount.

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Prophetic Words, Accuracy and Timing - Nathan Shaw

Prophesy is a gift given to the body of Christ. If God gives us a gift it is our responsibility to understand why He has given it and how we are to use it. Prophetic words can be powerful. They can impart hope, healing, guidance, direction, vision, strength and many other positive things. They can also protect us from wasting time going in wrong directions or warn us of demonic assignments designed to take us off course. I am truly grateful for the prophetic words I have received. Some of them have been fulfilled already and others are yet to be fulfilled.

Prophetic words that have been fulfilled strengthen us to trust God in greater ways.

Prophetic words that have not yet been fulfilled invite us to trust God in greater ways.

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The Wisdom of the Bee - Ian Johnson

I sat with Wisdom as she spoke from the gate.

I awoke with these words.

The Bee goes in search of the pleasure of nectar and as a side issue collects pollen to sustain the life of others. Many think we should be as busy as a bee when in actual fact the bee is in search of the pleasure of nectar. My search therefore is for the nectar of God and in its discovery I am ecstatic with joy. As a side issue the wisdom I collect along the way is yours for free. Therefore I yield to the pursuit of heavens nectar found in HIM.

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Explosions of Divine Love - Nathan Shaw

I have just been listening to a song called, Where do you find love?, by New Zealand's Got Talent winner, Clara Van Wel. Here are the lyrics to her song.

I s'pose what I'm really asking is, where do you find love?
I've heard that it's quite a task, now where do you find love?
Some say that it's a mission, where do you find love?
Do we leave it to ambition, where do you find love?

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Open Heavens and Sonship - Nathan Shaw

There has been a significant increase in spiritual hunger over the last few decades. Many Christians are no longer content to know about a supernatural God. Instead they yearn to know and experience Him in tangible ways. The phrase "walking under an open heaven" is often used to describe this reality. When there is an "open heaven" God's presence becomes both tangible and recognisable. The atmosphere becomes charged with supernatural energy. Power encounters, visions, healings and other supernatural activities become common. You only have to read revival accounts from past or present generations to realize that we are wired for supernatural. Merely reading about it awakens desire. We want to experience it ourselves.

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Dream: Mrs Tipper and God's Favor - Nathan Shaw

Recently I had a dream. In my dream I was talking on the phone to a Mrs. Tipper. She was excited because God had shown her three things that were about to happen in my life. She didn't tell me what the three things were, just that they were going to happen. It was several days later before I realized the meaning of the dream. I was talking with Mrs. Tipper because God wanted to give me a tip off.

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The Harvest and The Love Revolution - Nathan Shaw

Recently I keep hearing a prophetic declaration in the Spirit. "It's harvest time!" "It's harvest time!" The declaration has the intensity and urgency of a trumpet announcing something very important. As I hear this declaration I simultaneously see an angel blowing a trumpet. Jesus said that the harvest is the end of the age (Matthew 13:39). He was referring to a supernatural harvest of souls that would be added to God's kingdom. God announces His plans ahead of time so that we can be prepared, ready and alert.

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The Coming Glory Dream - Sue Nesbit

There were quite a few people standing on the platform waiting for the train. The style of dress was about 1800. The men looked very smart with suits, walking sticks, hats and bow ties. The ladies had full dresses, hats to match and little umbrellas with frills around the edge. I was standing there with them waiting for the train. Everyone was calm and pleasant.

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