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The Godson – Leo Tolstoy

Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910) is known as one of the greatest authors of all time. His story “The Godson” (1886) teaches important lessons about exercising authority and living in obedience.

God entrusts all believers with great authority. What we do with this authority is important. Healthy respect for authority and influence is necessary for us to fulfill the purposes God has for us. There are two ways we can disrespect authority:

  1. By not using the authority He gives us.
  2. By taking authority that is not given to us.

Both options can lead to dire consequences.

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The Sons of Thunder – James Ryle (Short Version)

The following insight occurred to me in August 1990 as a result of three dreams. In the first dream I saw a flatbed trailer with a curtain behind it. This trailer was parked at a fairground, as if a concert was about to happen. There were two guitars on the mobile stage. The color of these guitars was the most vivid, electric blue that one could imagine. What impressed me most was that the guitars were not painted, but stained. It had obviously taken time to make them blue. The curtain was the same color as the guitars. Two men walked from behind the curtain with sheet music in their hands. They were very excited, and could hardly wait to play this music. One said to the other, "Wait till they hear this. It's going to be just like when the Beatles played their music!" In the dream I also became excited.

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Chronicles of the Warrior – A Vision by Tammy Uys

The following is a vision I received in several parts. I believe the warrior represents prophetic and apostolic messengers that God is preparing in this hour.

Part 1 – The Warrior

The warrior came from battle. He had some wounds. He wasn’t bleeding heavily, but blood was visible. He was sweaty and exhausted, but also glowing. The Lord’s presence was with him in an incredible way. He was dressed in an interesting armor that was very different from mine. My armor was more like a courtiers outfit, as though I were ready to be sent off on the King’s business, but still fit for court.

The warrior’s armor was army style but of exemplary quality. It was covered with writing—the living Word. It was also covered with the fragrance of sacrifice. This fragrance attracted but also defeated the enemy. Every time the warrior went riding the Lord anointed him with this fragrance. The fragrance was mixed with the Lord’s tears, the warrior’s tears, the Lord’s blood and the warrior’s blood.

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The Summons – A Vision by Tammy Uys

Editor’s Note: Tammy's vision is a summons that God is making to many others in this hour.

I saw myself walking through nature. There were hills, meadows and flower fields. I had an arsenal of weapons with me but they did not hinder me as I walked.

Then the scene changed. It became more rugged and mountainous. I was now walking with a sense of purpose and foreboding. I sensed that something was about to happen.

Suddenly a horse bearing a knight came galloping toward me. The knight was a messenger from the king. He gave me a scroll sealed with the kingly seal. It was a summons and at the same time a commissioning. It read:

The time is now. This is the season to release the prisoners and set the captives free. My Body has been held captive long enough in the dungeon of deception, rejection and unbelief. I have given you all you need. I will give you support—heavenly support. They will go out before you. Prepare your strategy.

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The Mountain Village – A Prophetic Story by Nathan Shaw

The mountain village was full of activity, with people rushing to and fro, intent on meeting the agendas and deadlines of the many and various projects in which they were engaged. New buildings could be seen throughout the village and many more were in construction, each edifice bigger and better than the one before. There were conference centers, meeting halls and places for recreation, prayer, counseling, publishing and recording.

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From Reproach to Honour - A Prophetic Story by Nathan Shaw

The Two Vessels

Before me were two earthenware vessels. The one on the left lay smashed and broken. There were fragments everywhere. The one on the right stood tall and stately. It was beautiful to behold, a vessel obviously shaped by a master craftsman. The perfection and beauty of this vessel was breathtaking. It had colours that ran together, displaying every possible shade imaginable. It must have taken hours of skilled and intricate work to make. As I turned my gaze back to the shattered fragments of the other vessel, something stirred in my heart.

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The Mercy Seat - A Prophetic Story by Nathan Shaw

I was flooded with a multitude of emotions. Loneliness engulfed me and an intense inner conflict and confusion churned within me. Each thought, each emotion, each feeling strived to push me toward paths that were hopeless and destructive. I could see the paths that surrounded me. Each had a name written on it: Suicide and death, relationships and sex, perversion and pleasure, religion and spirituality, success and achievement. The paths beckoned me to heed their call and leave behind the aching emptiness that I felt. They pleaded and cajoled until I could barely resist. Logic and reason about which path I should take left me.

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The Doorway - A Vision by Sue Nesbit

God showed me a revolving door into a room.

God was inside the room. He was seated.

Light emanated from Him. Love swirled all around Him.

Angels were coming and going. They were focused on their eternal tasks.

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The Electrician - A Prophetic Story by Jill Austin

The room was cold, dark and damp but it had become my friend for I had lived there ever since I remembered. Heavy blankets of isolation, loneliness and fear insulated and protected me from the outside world. But one day there was a knock on the door...my heart froze...yet everything in me told me that He had come. But the darkness swallowed my muffled cries...Once again He knocked..."Oh Lord, Lord, Come in!" The door opened and there stood the Electrician.

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The Emperor Has No Clothes - A Vision by Jill Austin

I'd like to share with you an open vision illustrating the devastating warfare that takes place when there's a sovereign move of the Spirit. The setting is that of a charming 18th century village in Europe. As the players emerge in this drama, faces from your own experiences may appear to you, but this is not for you to point a finger. If we are honest, we will see a part of ourselves in each of the actors.

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