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Word for the United States - Nathan Shaw

Freedom is in the foundation of the United States. Freedom was in the hearts of her founders. Freedom was promoted, established and protected through her constitution. Freedom overflowed her towns and cities during the first and second great awakenings. Because of this the United States has been blessed like few nations in history. And this freedom hasn't only stayed within her shores. From the United States great freedom has gone forth that has blessed the nations. But also from the United States much evil has gone forth that has ensnared the nations. With the privilege of great freedom came great responsibility. Freedom spent wrongly led to selfishness, carnality and perversion.

Prophetic voices have sounded repeatedly to warn the United States to turn from her present course. If she doesn't she will lose much of her freedom and much of her authority in the nations. The United States is young. Unquestionably she has had significant impact but she has by no means fulfilled her ultimate destiny. The nation will experience significant shakings. Prophets of doom will arise and discourage many. But God has not and will not give up on the United States.

God loves this nation because He loves freedom and He loves people. The United States embraced and welcomed the nations. It has residents from nations all over the world. Throughout its short history a cry for freedom has always come before God's throne from her shores. God will respond to the cry of these faithful intercessors. They have stood in the gap in pulpits, in wars, in governments, in schools, in homes, in Hollywood, on the streets, from public platforms and in hiddenness. Their prayers, their actions, their labors of love and their sacrifices have not gone unnoticed.

Out of the shakings will come a renewed spirit and a fierce resolve. Freedom fighters will take a stand for a freedom that does not compromise responsibility. A new breed of spiritual and political leader will arise. These brave voices will seem small and insignificant to many but God's favor will be on them. Ultimately their voices will prevail. Rather than rail at the sins of the nation they will tell her who she is. Rather than despair at the nation's loss of direction they will prophesy her ultimate destiny. Pray for these freedom fighters! Through them the nation will come to value the responsibility of freedom and walk in her God ordained destiny. In the midst of the shakings do not despair. The best is yet to come.

© 2014 Nathan Shaw.

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