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Praying for the U.S. Election and Beyond - Nathan Shaw

During the third presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, God prompted me to pray. Many years ago God placed the United States on my heart. On a personal level I have been blessed by many ministries that have come from the States. On an international level I believe there is a high calling on the States to release a Kingdom standard into the nations of the earth. This call is fiercely contended.

As I started to pray, God gave me a picture of Aaron and Hur holding up the arms of Moses. The image is from Exodus chapter 17. Israel was engaged in a fierce battle with the Amalekites. Moses went up on a hill with Aaron and Hur and raised his shepherd’s rod over the battlefield. As long as Moses kept his rod raised, the battle turned in favor of the Israelites. When he lowered his rod, the battle went in favor of the Amalekites. Eventually Moses’ natural strength waned and he was no longer able to hold up his rod. Aaron and Hur came to the rescue. Moses sat on a large stone, while Aaron and Hur held up his arms. The result: The Israelites soundly defeated the Amalekites.

The key to victory was Moses’ rod. The rod was an indispensable ‘tool of the trade’ for every shepherd. A rod by itself doesn’t have the authority to win a battle. Although the rod belonged to Moses, the authority came from God. The battle between Israel and the Amalekites was both a physical and a spiritual battle.

  • Joshua had to lead natural soldiers against the enemy.
  • Moses had to extend spiritual authority over the battlefield.

In this U.S. election there is both a ground warfare and a spiritual warfare. Both are strategically important. Voting and campaigning are ground warfare. Prayer and proclamation are spiritual warfare.

What has Moses’ rod to do with the U.S. election, you might ask? Consider the following. Lance Wallnau received an invitation to go to Trump Towers with a group of leading evangelicals. At the meeting Lance started to sense an anointing from God on Donald Trump. After the meeting God said to Lance, "Read Isaiah 45." Isaiah 45 starts out, “Thus saith the Lord to Cyrus, My anointed...” Cyrus was a foreign king who was instrumental in the release of Israel from captivity. He was also instrumental in releasing resources, protection, and favor so that Israel could rebuild their temple. God anointed a foreign king to do His work!

God gave me two words that describe many of the leaders He is raising up. The words were: Unexpected and unconventional. These two words also describe Cyrus rather well. Cyrus’ rise to authority was unexpected. His leadership style was unconventional. Usually leaders of large empires destroyed and subjugated other nations, Cyrus was different. The Greek historian Herodotus tells the story of how Cyrus came to power. It is a fascinating and unique ‘against the odds’ story. God shaped Cyrus’ heart through some very unique circumstances. After Cyrus was in power God gave him Daniel—a trained and godly statesman—to help him administrate the empire.

God gave Moses authority. God gave Cyrus authority. If Lance Wallnau is correct, God has given Donald Trump a unique authority to bring restoration and freedom in the United States. But Moses wasn’t able to bring victory against the Amalekites single-handedly. When Moses’ weakness prevented him from raising his rod, Aaron and Hur had to support him. Because the battle was drawn out, Moses’ weakness became obvious. He needed help to hold up his rod of authority. One of the primary purposes of intercession is to support those God has endowed with authority. If we recognize that God has given Trump a unique authority for the United States, it is our responsibility to uphold and support him through intercession.

Before Moses led Israel out of captivity, he spent forty years living in the Sinai wilderness. It took unique skill to live in that environment. His rod was a testimony to his natural experience and skill. The nation of Israel needed this unique experience and skill in their leader because of the unique territory they had to traverse. Likewise, Donald Trump has a staff. His staff is his unique experience and skill. This experience and skill are important for the United States because of the unique territory she will traverse in the coming years.

As I continued to pray for the presidential debate, God led me to take authority over the airwaves. I felt a very strong authority to do this. There is a battle over the airwaves. This battle is to do with how things are heard and perceived. Words travel through airwaves. Audio and video are transmitted through airwaves. Whoever dominates the airwaves in a nation wins the battle for the minds of those in that nation. Interestingly, in Ephesians 2:2, Satan is called the ruler of the authority of the air.

We can take authority over the airwaves by blessing that which the enemy is cursing, and honoring that which the enemy is dishonoring. The tabernacle of David was known for continual praise and proclamation. This praise and proclamation dominated the airwaves (the spirit realm) over the nation of Israel. This in turn shifted the mindset of the nation. When the enemy dominates the airwaves in a nation, ungodly agendas are heard and magnified. When righteousness dominates the airwaves in a nation, righteous agendas are heard and magnified.

As I continued to pray, I found myself calling forth a new sound. Once again there was great authority to do this. When a new sound comes forth the dialogue changes. The election campaign has become very focused on personal attacks about Trump’s or Clinton’s ability to lead. The enemy is using this focus to hide his bigger agenda. I was encouraged to find out that the very real issue of abortion came up at the end of the debate.

This election is not primarily about Trump versus Clinton. It is about something much more serious. There are two forces contending for the United States. The real conflict is the culture of life versus the culture of death. The culture of death has already taken much ground in the nation. Recently a recording of Trump making crude remarks about women was released. The recording was made over ten years ago. Trump rightly apologized. Abortion is an issue of life and death that affects both the present and the future of the nation. Trumps remarks were an issue of personal carnality. On the national stage the issue of abortion is treated glibly. Trump’s crude remarks, on the other hand, are given significantly more weight.

Finally, as I was praying, I saw an angel blowing a trumpet of change. I responded by calling forth change over the nation.

On November the 8th the United States has a decision to make. I pray that she makes the right decision. The U.S. election is not, however, the end of the conflict between the culture of life and the culture of death. The outcome of this election is hugely significant for this battle. But no matter the outcome, we must continue to fight for the culture of death to be stopped, and the culture of life to be established.

Through prayer, intercession, praise, and proclamation, let us recognize and uphold those God has anointed. Let us boldly take authority over the airwaves. Let us confidently call forth a new sound. Let us intentionally call forth the culture of life. And let us resolutely declare and call forth change over the nation.

© 2016 Nathan Shaw.

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