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Word For Australia - Nathan Shaw

Australia is still to step into her full position in the nations. As global balances of power change Australia's role in the nations will increase. God will favor her in the sight of many nations.

Australia and New Zealand have complimentary but unique destinies. The ties between these two nations will increase but they will also appreciate each others differences.

Australia has an anointing for administration. This will become obvious during times of worldwide chaos. Administration brings order. This order will be sought after. Joseph was one of the greatest administrators of all times. For Joseph, administration wasn't merely a skill, it was an anointing. Through Joseph's anointing for administration the destiny of many nations and even the whole world was changed.

Australia will have a stabilizing impact in the nations. If she steps into her full destiny a lot of unnecessary chaos will be avoided. The enemy wants to preempt chaos and bring it before the appointed time. If the church in Australia will rise up in faith the nation will stand strong and much chaos will be halted. Australia will be seen as a nation as powerful as the United States despite being only a fraction of the size.

The enemy intends to incite fear in major Australian cities. The church in these cities has been given priestly authority to stop these demonic assignments. In this battle the greatest enemy will be fear and the greatest asset will be faith.

© 2015 Nathan Shaw.

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