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God’s Plans for the Nations with Specific Details about the United States, Australia, New Zealand – Daphne Taylor

Dream Received April 2017

In my dream I found myself above the world. I was with God and looking down over the world. I did not see God but I knew I was beside Him. He showed me the larger land masses and I could see separate areas with boundary lines dividing up continents and states within the land. I was too high to determine exactly which countries each land mass was. The land was lifted up out of the sea. Next I saw large groups of people, not individuals, but outlines of crowds. They were all moving different ways over many boundary lines. Some were moving with negative intent, some were simply caught up in the moving crowds, a small portion moved with purpose. I was disturbed to see such confusion and evil intent among so many people.

I asked God, “Where are the Christians and what are they doing about this situation?” It all looked one sided to me. I felt God smile at me with such indescribable love. Instantly my terrified thoughts changed. I had the courage to look again and I saw God’s right hand covering different areas. God turned His hand onto its side and then I could see small groups of people in tightly knit groups everywhere among the nations. God separately exposed these groups one by one until a peace returned to me. I asked God, “Why are there not as many Christians as the other large groups that are moving about?” He replied, “I know these people.”

President Trump and the United States

As I watched I tried to work out what the outcome of all this movement might be so I asked God, “What is the President doing about all of this?” I saw some illegal activity going on in the big groups. “Does Mr. Trump even know what’s going on in his own country?” I felt God say, “Mr. Trump knows and sees all this but he doesn’t have my mandate—yet.”1 God was not anxious like I was.


Then we moved on and stopped above Australia. I could see short straight narrow lines of earth here and there along the very edges of the east and west coast lines of Australia. The rest of Australia was totally covered in a thick mess. From where I was it looked like a thick messy storks nest. The covering was made from sticks and branches, dried leaves and soil. I noticed it had hay in it as opposed to straw. There were small dry seeds in the hay. It was very thick and untidy. I was wondering what all this could mean and then a hen came along and started scratching in it.

As she scratched she loosened the layers and I saw a small patch of earth appear. I was surprised how easily she found a small hole in the thick layers. As the sticks were loosened by her scratching I could see small diamonds glistening. I was amazed that diamonds were among the mess. I watched longer and it was as if my eyes refocused. The longer I looked the more precious jewels I could see among the scratched up mess around the hen. The hen did not peck at anything but was only sent to loosen the layers. Apart from the small diamonds I did not know what the different jewels were but I knew they were beautiful and rare.

New Zealand

I thought I would like to compare Australia with New Zealand so I turned to look at New Zealand. As I went to turn my head to look God put His right hand down and covered the whole of New Zealand. I felt His smile, like when someone is concealing a surprise and they are very excited about it. In my spirit I heard God say, “New Zealand is mine and My plans are already established.” I was taken back at God’s decision and I thought, “God holds the whole world in the palm of His hand, and His hand is open, but for New Zealand His hand is over the other way.” He was covering New Zealand just like His hand was over groups of Christians around the world at the beginning of my dream.

I woke from my dream thinking, “How can I fathom the goodness of God?

© 2017 Daphne Taylor

Daphne comes from Christchurch, New Zealand, where she attends Living Waters Christian Centre. She is married to Bryce. They have three children and fifteen grandchildren.

1 Note from Nathan Shaw: I believe that President Trump will find himself in a position like Samson in Judges 15 where his hands are tied and it looks like imminent defeat (Judges 15:9-15). God’s Spirit will empower and inspire him to use a strategy that is both unexpected and unusual. It will totally turn the situation around and cause people to acknowledge God’s mandate on him.

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