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Chronicles of the Warrior – A Vision by Tammy Uys

The following is a vision I received in several parts. I believe the warrior represents prophetic and apostolic messengers that God is preparing in this hour.

The Warrior

The warrior came from battle. He had some wounds. He wasn’t bleeding heavily, but blood was visible. He was sweaty and exhausted, but also glowing. The Lord’s presence was with him in an incredible way. He was dressed in an interesting armor that was very different from mine. My armor was more like a courtiers outfit, as though I were ready to be sent off on the King’s business, but still fit for court.

The warrior’s armor was army style but of exemplary quality. It was covered with writing—the living Word. It was also covered with the fragrance of sacrifice. This fragrance attracted but also defeated the enemy. Every time the warrior went riding the Lord anointed him with this fragrance. The fragrance was mixed with the Lord’s tears, the warrior’s tears, the Lord’s blood and the warrior’s blood.

The warrior had shed many tears in all the hard times of battle. Every time I smelt the fragrance I would tangibly experience the presence of the Lord and the fear of the Lord. In his armor were secret pockets that contained weapons like hand grenades. These were words that would scatter the enemy. I could not see a sword, but I knew that he had one, and that it would be revealed later.

I gave the warrior food and drink. He fell asleep and rested while I watched, checking for any disturbance. After he had rested he shared something with me that he had won in battle. It looked like a gemstone. It had a blueish light but it was different from light in that it had substance. After he shared some with me it increased in size rather than diminished. I realized that this warrior was to be a kind of mentor in my walk with the Lord for this season. Then he left. I did not see where he went but he had a distinct sense of direction and clarity, and a special authority. He was sensitive to respond only to the assignments God gave him. I knew that at the appointed time I would meet him again.

I carried on towards my own assignment. I had not rested while he slept but I was very refreshed. I carried the blueish ‘blessing’ I had received. I shared it with those I met and it multiplied each time. The Lord revealed that this blue light was His manifest presence. Many times in the days to come we will have encounters with different parts of the body. We will strengthen each other through our different gifts and anointings so that we can continue with our individual assignments.

The Sword

I saw the warrior again. He was in his armor and very battle weary. He was dirty and bloody—his blood and also the enemy’s blood! He was on a hill (later it would be a mountain). Before him was his ‘league’ Lord. He was about to be knighted. He knelt, and was given wine to drink, and a special food to eat. The food was whitish. I thought, “Wow! This must be manna from heaven!” While he received this from the Lord’s hand, something beautiful started to happen. The dirt and the blood and the pain and the frustration, and also some kind of anger vanished from his armor. The dents were restored and it looked polished and new. After this process was finished he still knelt but it was in a different position—renewed from the inside out! I felt (not heard) the words: “Positioned for victory.” The Lord also gave him a new piece for his armor. It was a special helmet with 20/20 vision which enabled him to see 360 degrees.

The scene changed and I saw him going up a mountain. The going was tough. He had to stop often, as it was very steep. Eventually I saw the Lord standing on a slope, waiting for him. He held something in his hand. It was a new sword to replace the old faithful one that the warrior had been using for the last decades. The old one was battered from battle. Pieces were missing and it was not as sharp as before. But it still felt familiar in his hand. It was still doing its job. The Lord approached and once again made him kneel like a knight. He presented him with a new sword.

The sword had a specially made handle that formed itself perfectly to the hand of the warrior. The blade was translucent and diamond blue. It was made of light but it had substance. The light moved within the blade and emanated from it. Around the handle there was a beautiful crown with seven points. The points faced toward the blade and represented the seven Spirits of God. (The seven Spirits of God are given to teach and guide all God’s warriors in the use of the sword). There was a huge red gemstone in the middle of the handle—neatly in the center of the crown. It looked like the heart of the sword. The sword drew its power from the gemstone which represented the blood of Jesus. The specially made handle meant that the warrior could easily change hands in combat, enabling him to fight with increased versatility. The sword gleamed. It was covered with fire and oil. Every time the warrior lifted the sword it released a huge flash of light and a powerful fragrance.

After he received the new sword he felt uncomfortable. He had liked the old sword because it was familiar. Regardless he moved it from one hand to the other. It was heavy but light at the same time. The glory was on it. The Lord stood before him and looked at him with blazing eyes and said:

Get familiar with it. You do not have a long time before you will use it. Show yourself worthy of wielding this weapon. You have earned it. Don’t hesitate to use it. It is new but also old. It is a mystery but also unveiled. It’s heavy but light. You have to make the decision to fully embrace it.

The warrior grasped the sword with both hands. He lifted it high—as if to slay an enemy. The fire and oil started to flow from the sword and actually flowed into him! As fire and oil saturated and covered him he was healed and restored. They simultaneously consumed the old and revealed the new.

The sword was the ‘rhema’ word of God. It included the blueprint and destiny of his life. When he embraced the sword fully it released the fire, the sacrifice, and the anointing oil from the Lord. I knew that the ‘rhema’ word—the specific prophetic now word that he would pray or prophesy over people—would release the light and oil and fire from the sword. God’s written word needed to be inside of him so that he could release the ‘rhema’ word at the appointed time. God’s written word was like the fuel from the inside. The written word would become a ‘rhema’ word by the activation of faith. This powerful word would then flow over the person and the situation and bring dramatic change!

After this process the warrior continued to climb the mountain. He used the sword to take new ground, using it as an anchor at the steep places. His pace picked up and the drag fell off. The oil and fire from the sword left a fiery trail behind him. The warrior was God’s trailblazer. Many people followed the trail. They were strengthened as they walked. They also received swords. Angels stood on the side of the trail and presented swords to them. The swords were different from the one the warrior wielded, but each sword had a different gifting and authority. As the warrior continued to move higher, angels stood ready for him. They strengthened him along the way by giving him heavenly nectar to drink, and manna to eat.

The Molting

The warrior was walking on the mountain. He had a staff and a backpack, a bedroll and a protective cloak. There was no food in his pack. He drank water from the mountain and there was a substance like manna that he picked up in the early morning hours. The manna sustained him totally. He had to do this himself. There were no angels this time. This feeding was very important. It represented the time spent in intimate worship. I could see this scene clearly because I was in the air hovering as an eagle—not soaring, just watching.

Then there was a rushing sound of wind and a great storm started to blow. The warrior just stood there as if he was waiting for something. Soon there was another sound. It was the sound of mighty wings and I could see a huge Eagle approaching. The warrior stood there calmly, knowing that he had an appointment with the Eagle. The Eagle hovered over him and invited him to join Him. The warrior changed into an eagle and joined the other Eagle.

There was a unique sound around both of them. I could hear it and it drew me intensely. There was a longing in my heart to also come close and follow. The warrior and the huge Eagle were already flying into the eye of the storm. I followed them. Suddenly I saw other eagles doing the same. They had also heard and responded to the sound. There were all kinds of eagles—young ones and older ones. They all had one goal: To follow the sound...to follow the Eagle and the warrior...to go higher.

I felt anxious because I had never flown so high. The winds around me caused me to gain momentum. It felt natural to fly. I was connected with the warrior and the huge Eagle. I knew their thoughts and directions. They were moving towards a special place. The Eagle had called the warrior to ‘come up here’ to fetch his inheritance. By doing this the warrior also opened gates for the rest of us to receive part of ours. It was like a summons and the beginning of something incredible—the coming together of God’s great end time army.

Then the sound and the wind changed. Suddenly I was with the warrior and the big Eagle in the eye of the storm. The Eagle looked at me. I was afraid because it was such an awesome sight, but the warrior was very calm and this calmed me as well. The Eagle started to speak but I could not understand what He said. I could only feel the power of His words crashing over me like waves. The warrior could both hear and understand the words. He nodded his agreement as the words went deep into him and saturated his whole being. The words vibrated inside of him. They pushed stuff out and it fell off like scabs falling off scars. Some of the stuff was like stones. Some of it was like infected ooze. It was like a purge and detox all at the same time. All this happened while we were in the eye of the storm and under the authority, the sounds, and the words of the Eagle. It was incredible to watch. The warrior was experiencing it intensely but it was quick as he had already prepared for it! It was like a molting happening in the air. When everything was out he had a new coat, a new beak and new talons.

Then the atmosphere changed and we were no longer in the eye of the storm. We were flying in the storm but towards the other eagles. Suddenly I realized that the big Eagle was no longer with us, but I could still hear the unique sound. The sound was now part of me. While the warrior had his molting, something had been imparted into me—a hum in my spirit, a vibration (I can still feel the hum in me, even now). When we came towards the large group of eagles the warrior took the lead. We all moved together. It was unusual because eagles normally don’t flock, but it felt natural. While we were flying, everyone received some type of breakthrough. Some of the breakthroughs were major, some were not as big. The level of breakthrough corresponded with the level of maturity of each eagle.

Becoming The Sword

After receiving this vision God gave me the following insights about the sword.

If we surrender fully to His word and allow His sword to penetrate the depths of our beings we are transformed and become living swords. Jesus—as the living word—then wields us as His living swords. When the warrior lifted the sword it was activated. Fire and oil flowed from the sword and saturated the warrior. The stamina needed to lift the sword comes through faithfulness, discipline and determination. These qualities bring maturity so that we can be the sword. The more we allow the written word inside of us, the more the Lord can use us to release His ‘rhema’ word. The ‘rhema’ word is fed by the written word but saturated with the fire and oil of the Spirit.

When we lift the sword to execute the mandate we have received from the Lord, we operate from heavenly realms. We are seated with Christ in heavenly realms (Ephesians 2:6). This is our position as sons of God. From this position we release God’s mandate as we speak forth prophetic decrees in His name. We are to wield the sword from heaven to earth, rather than from earth to heaven. Operating from earth to heaven is a mindset that often leads to moving in the arm of the flesh. But this is a new season and God is shifting old mindsets. Now we become the sword!

NB: The final part of this vision was released as a previous article called The Summons. 

© 2016 Tammy Uys.

Tammy originally comes from Germany. She has been a missionary in South Africa for the last twenty years. Tammy has a calling to release the sound and the sword of the Lord to God's people. Tammy and her husband oversee Royal Rangers, South Africa (www.royalrangers.co.za).

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