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The Summons – A Vision by Tammy Uys

Editor’s Note: Tammy's vision is a summons that God is making to many others in this hour.

I saw myself walking through nature. There were hills, meadows and flower fields. I had an arsenal of weapons with me but they did not hinder me as I walked.

Then the scene changed. It became more rugged and mountainous. I was now walking with a sense of purpose and foreboding. I sensed that something was about to happen.

Suddenly a horse bearing a knight came galloping toward me. The knight was a messenger from the king. He gave me a scroll sealed with the kingly seal. It was a summons and at the same time a commissioning. It read:

The time is now. This is the season to release the prisoners and set the captives free. My Body has been held captive long enough in the dungeon of deception, rejection and unbelief. I have given you all you need. I will give you support—heavenly support. They will go out before you. Prepare your strategy.

I did not know what He meant until I saw a great flock of about a hundred eagles flying toward me. It was an unreal sight—normally eagles fly alone or just with their mates. I could feel their wings and their vibrations and the stirring of the Spirit all around them. They appeared to fly in a kind of ranking order.

One of the huge leading Eagles came close to me and touched my forehead with His forehead and immediately something like scales fell from my eyes. Instantly my vision became so sharp that for a moment I nearly got dizzy. The Eagle said, “This increased vision is for you to see...then hear...then release the special sound that surrounds you. You are one of the sound carriers. This sound goes out and breaks barriers—first in heaven and then on the earth. The breaker anointing.”

After He had spoken this over me He gazed into my eyes. The fear of the Lord came over me and I fell on my face. He came and spread His wings and covered me totally. The Eagle continued, “This is the position and heart attitude you must always be in—covered by My wings and full of My fear. My holiness will flow through you as you willingly humble yourself and surrender before Me.” I realized it was the Lord speaking to me.

I started to respond but I could not speak. He said, “I understand. I know your heart. Despite your weakness do you want to take this assignment? Are you willing to humble yourself every day and be filled by Me? You can no longer walk even one day without coming to Me to be filled. You must know my power and be hidden in Me.” I just lay there, crying and saying on the inside, “Yes Lord! Yes Lord! Yes Lord! I am willing! Help my weakness!”

He then summoned five eagles to feed me with heavenly water and manna—just like they did with Elijah. When I swallowed this food something got released, added and renewed inside of me. After this I stood up. The Eagle said, “Now open your mouth and release it!” When I opened my mouth something amazing happened—a sound emerged that was not of me. It was a new sound. It started to re-vibrate in the heavens. The other eagles could hear the sound and were listening intently. Scrolls bearing assignments were released from heaven. Each eagle grabbed a scroll and carried it. They then started to fly away all over the place.

After I had collected myself I carried on walking. I then noticed the five eagles. They had come back to bring me something! Each one of the eagles carried something in their talons or their beaks. I realized that there was a strategic sequence to the order of events that happened to me:

  • Firstly I was commissioned.
  • Secondly I accepted the commission.
  • Thirdly I was prepared for the assignment.

The first eagle came up to me and gave me a mantle. It radiated a brilliance of light and color. In the beginning it looked blue with many different hues. Then it changed to purple with gold. It was a cloak of promise with all the colors of the rainbow in it. The eagle came and dropped it on to me. It fit perfectly. It was my mantle. It felt light but also heavy. The heaviness was the responsibility that came with the mantle. It was warm, but it was also cold in a way that kept me alert.

The second eagle gave me a ring. It had a blue stone but with a depth of beauty I had never seen before. It was very exquisitely fashioned. He put it on to my finger from his beak. It gave me clear identity once again. It fit me perfectly.

The third eagle gave me shoes. They were very unique shoes. They would change depending on the terrain I was walking through. When it was rough they were like boots. When it was a smooth path they were like gym shoes. When I attended the King’s court they were like dancing shoes.

The fourth eagle gave me an interesting looking backpack. The bag was similar to the shoes—it changed according to the occasion. Sometimes it was a hiking bag, sometimes an overnight bag, sometimes a day pack, and sometimes a handbag. I could not see the contents of each bag. I knew that I had to trust in every situation that I would be fitted out with all that I needed.

The fifth eagle came with a beautiful flask. The eagle hovered over me and poured out the contents of the flask. Interestingly, instead of getting drenched, I got saturated and filled. I soaked it up with my whole being and it remained on the inside of me. An awesome heavenly fragrance was released. The most wonderful thing was that when I looked at the eagle the bottle was full once again and he stored it for me in the backpack. There would be times I could share this fragrance with others. I heard the eagle speak to my spirit, “This oil is very precious. It is mixed with your Master’s love and His sorrow. It contains both His pain and His healing. It is part of Him and He saturates you every time you come to Him. He will add more of Him to you as you stay near. But be prepared to also give away when He prompts you to do so. You will always have more than enough—it multiplies the more you give it away.”

© 2016 Tammy Uys.

Tammy originally comes from Germany. She has been a missionary in South Africa for the last twenty years. Tammy has a calling to release the sound and the sword of the Lord to God's people. She and her husband oversee Royal Rangers, South Africa (www.royalrangers.co.za).

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