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Unto the Least of These Endorsements

Jill Austin, president and founder, Master Potter Ministries
Nathan has captured a revelation of the heartbeat of God for the plight of God's precious people—the divorcees, widows and fatherless who have been neglected, judged and forsaken. Through his skillful use of God's Word coupled with examples from real life, Nathan brings a plumbline of truth to confront and challenge the religious attitudes and belief systems of our day. His keen sensitivity and insights mirror God's loving nature and bring a triumphant message of hope and grace. Although Nathan champions divorcees, widows and the fatherless, this prophetic message to the Church encompasses men andwomen, challenging all our broken
vessels to become ones that honor each other and King Jesus.

Mike Bickle, director, International House of Prayer, Kansas City, Missouri
Psalm 102:17 expresses God's heart when it says, "He shall regard the prayer of the destitute, and shall not despise their prayer" (NKJV). Nathan Shaw expresses the same heart cry of God for the destitute and despised. Unto the Least of Theseis a clarion call for us to draw near to God and let His concern become our concern. I highly recommend it as a cutting-edge message for the twenty-first century.
Brent Douglas, senior leader, Encounter Christian Center, Auckland, New Zealand
The Church in the Western world is facing a crisis—a rapidly growing number of people who are either divorced, widowed or facing the pain of dysfunctional relationships. God has set a place for them (like all who enter the Church) to settle in and has given them a destiny to fulfill. But their pain is often enhanced when they come to church and feel isolated and rejected. Nathan's book is a prophetic call for the Church to wake up to the needs of people desperate to find identity and meaning. He calls the Church back to her responsibility to support and minister to widows, orphans, the fatherless. He also brings practical encouragement and advice to those who have suffered the indignities of a failed marriage or broken relationship. The issues raised in Unto the Least of These are important for the future health of the Body of Christ.
Dr. Gary Greenwald, founder, Eagle's Nest Ministries, Santa Ana, California
With our society so full of painfully wounded people lacking the blessing of a father, it is a breath of fresh air to see principles of covenant and restoration laid out so systematically. Psalm 68:5 says, "God will be a father to the fatherless and a defender of widows." Nathan Shaw shows how God is rebuilding the lives of divorcees, widows and the fatherless through a revelation of the Father's love.
John A. Kilpatrick, senior pastor, Brownsville Assembly of God, Pensacola, Florida
My heart was warmed by the compassion and love that I (coming from a broken home and raised by a single mother) felt when I read Unto the Least
of These. This book will bring healing to those with holes in their souls.
Dudley Hall, founder and president, Successful Christian Living Ministries, Euless, Texas
I am glad this topic is being approached from a biblical perspective. We need a compassionate, redemptive solution for the many who have been trying to relate. I pray this book will be used to encourage all the Church.
Dr. Bill Hamon, chairman and founder, Christian International Ministries Network, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida
This book will bless many. Nathan deals with the age-long struggle between religious idealism and the realism that God's people face today. The Father heart of God is restoration and healing. These are the days of the fulfillment of Malachi 4:5–6, when restoration is taking place in individuals, marriages, families and the Church. Thank God for a prophetic book that gives a vision and hope for the future! The truths contained in Unto the Least of Thesewill enable all believers, regardless of their personal status, to prosper personally and in their ministries in Christ. Thank you, Nathan, for revealing the heart of God to His people.

Rob Harley, Christian writer and broadcaster
When all is said and done, the Bible always brings us back to God's relentless insistence that how we treat the "least" is a key measure of our faithfulness. Nathan has written a passionate and timely book.

Dick Hubbard, founder, Hubbard Foods, Ltd
The current rise in divorce rates throughout the Western world is a problem with enormous social consequences. The greatest legacy we can give future generations is the concept of two-parent families. In the dearth of practical advice for those facing marriage or relationship trauma, Nathan's book shows clearly that the Bible gives distinct guidance and a clear way. I commend this book not only to those having relationship problems but to all people with marriages and families, whether in trouble or not.
Sue Nesbit, pastor at Fire and Destiny Centre, Dunedin, New Zealand
More than anything else, the pages of this book communicated God's love and tenderness toward me. They gave me the courage to let go of being a victim and reach for a destiny in God beyond anything I dreamed possible. This book restored me and gave me hope. I wish it had been around ten years ago when I went through the devastation of divorce.
Winkie Pratney, author, speaker
The greatest assault in our day is not from terrorists who scheme against us in the public streets; it is the terrible private war that goes on daily against the God-honoring ancient bonds of marriage and home. In a day of broken dreams, shattered friendships and fractured families, Nathan Shaw's unique and insightful treatment brings practical and biblical help to those who have been hurt from the pain of separation, abandonment or betrayed covenants. Ancient prophecy spoke of a day in which special favor from heaven would grace five enemy targets: children, young people, the elderly, servant workers and women. For all who have been affected in some way by family breakup or loss, and for those who have to deal with the sad twenty-first century reality of homes hurt, broken or under attack, Unto the Least of These is a must-read, can-do, God's-promise priority book.

David Ravenhill, teacher, Lindale, Texas
The topic of this book is far too rare! Rather than having a theme of self-improvement, it addresses the needs of others and how to minister to them. Nathan Shaw unveils the plight of countless thousands within the Body of Christ whose needs are ignored or unmet. It is time for the Church to focus once again on what "pure religion" is all about. This book is both insightful and biblical and challenges the very core of our beliefs and responsibilities. I highly recommend it to you.
John Loren Sandford, co-founder, Elijah House, Inc.
Nathan Shaw addresses an area of great neglect. Throughout the Old Testament, prophets thundered against Israel's continual neglect of its widows and fatherless. For example, Isaiah 1:17 states: "Defend the orphan, plead for the widow." The apostle James continued the same cry of our Father God's heart in James 1:27: "Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their distress. . . ." Nathan makes us painfully aware how we have not only not succored widows and orphans, but we have actually increased their sufferings by our judgments, both expressed and undercurrent. Christian hearts need to hear this message and repent. If we are to advance into the climactic adventures and warfare of the end times, Nathan Shaw well says that it is those who have known abandonment who will best be able to lead us in the coming days.

The Rev. Dr. David Stewart, principal, The Bible College of New Zealand, 1965–1988
I was delighted to read Nathan Shaw's book Unto the Least of These. First, it draws attention to the many references to the heart of God for women who are left alone. Mr. Shaw refers to many passages in the Old Testament in which orphans and widows are given special mention—far more than most people realize. And he is right to enlarge God's concern to cover other dispossessed women, such as divorcees and abandoned partners. Second, I was impressed that a man, and a relatively young man, should show such understanding of and empathy with the thoughts and feelings of today's abandoned women. It can only be because God has laid such a concern on his heart. Third, his concern is not only for those suffering abandonment or loss, but also for the Church as a whole, whose attitudes
are so often critical of the sufferer and lacking the special care, protection and help God requires His people to show to orphans and widows in their midst. Fourth, the book is peppered with biblical stories and comments, which are carefully considered for the lessons he draws. May this book be widely read and prove a blessing to many.

Iverna Tompkins, president, Iverna Tompkins Ministries, Scottsdale, Arizona
This book well handles the balance between the problem and the solution. Shaw understands the hurts and suffering of the single life while teaching ways to rise above them and succeed. Leaders may well find their counseling load reduced by sharing this book with counselees. I recommend it.

Trevor Yaxley, co-founder, Lifeway Ministries, Auckland, New Zealand
The topic of this book is both timely and necessary to address the condemnation felt by people afflicted by divorce and family breakup. Many people we have dealt with over the years have had huge burdens of shame and very little hope. This book blesses people with a great message of hope to enter into God's will for their lives. A significant ministry tool for counselors, church workers and friends of those affected by this crisis in our society.

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