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God's Deliverers and the Three Levels of Freedom – Nathan Shaw

Freedom is the rallying cry of many deliverers that God is raising up. Three streams of revelation will become increasingly prominent. These streams mirror the three stages of freedom that Israel experienced as she left Egypt and inherited the Promised Land.

  • The first level of freedom involved deliverance from slavery in Egypt.
  • The second level of freedom involved learning the ways of God in the wilderness.
  • The third level of freedom involved inheriting the Promised Land.

Deliverance From Egypt

The nation of Israel was enslaved in Egypt. They were the covenant people of God but they were not living in covenant provision. Those who are in covenant with God are connected with Him in a unique way. They intuitively know that they are destined for freedom. Covenant creates a yearning for intimate knowledge with the covenant partner. This knowledge brings freedom and fulfillment. Destiny is awakened at a heart level. Many in the body of Christ today are enslaved by spiritual forces that keep them defeated and powerless. An intense cry for freedom is awakening in their hearts.

The children of Israel groaned because of the bondage, and they cried out; and their cry came up to God because of the bondage (Exodus 2:23).

There will be increased authority and revelation in the areas of healing and deliverance. It is not God’s intention for His people to remain in bondage. God is our deliverer (Exodus 1-14) and our healer (Exodus 15:26).

Learning God’s Ways

After being delivered from Egypt, Israel was alone in the wilderness. God met with them at Mount Sinai (Exodus 19). Encountering God set Israel apart from all other nations. During a forty day visitation God gave Moses the blueprints for the tabernacle (Exodus 24-31). The tabernacle became God’s dwelling place in the midst of the nation. It mirrored spiritual realities in heaven (Hebrews 8:1-5). God used the tabernacle to teach Israel about the Spirit realm and about His character, His nature and His ways. As the nation embraced this revelation they came into a new level of freedom. This freedom was necessary for them to inherit the Promised Land.

Through dramatic signs and wonders in Egypt the nation was delivered from outward slavery. However, the slavery mentality still existed in their hearts. Through intimate encounter with the God of covenant they were delivered from inward slavery.

There will be increased authority and revelation in the areas of encountering God, moving in the Spirit realm and learning His ways. God encountered Israel at Sinai. His greatest desire was to dwell among them. This desire was realized through the tabernacle. Through the tabernacle Israel came to understand the Spirit realm and learn God’s ways. Limited perceptions were smashed.

Inheriting the Promised Land

Deliverance from Egypt was dramatic. Learning God’s ways was mind blowing. However the fullness of freedom didn’t begin until they inherited the Promised Land.

  • When Israel was in Egypt the nations despised her.
  • When Israel was in the wilderness the nations feared her (Exodus 15:14-16, 23:27).
  • When Israel was in the Promised Land the nations were influenced by her.

Possessing land enabled Israel to have an expression among the nations. Her unique culture began to disciple other nations. People were free to live out their God ordained destiny. This level of freedom is true for us today. As anointed bible teacher Derek Prince expressed it, “Israel inherited a Promised Land. We inherit a land of promises” (see for example 2 Peter 1:4). Our land of promises includes fulfilling the creative endeavors God has uniquely assigned to each of us. The creative expression that is coming through Christ’s body will disciple the nations in His ways. It will include great innovation in business and finance, technology, the creative arts and education. There will be increased authority and revelation to inherit these and other areas of influence that the enemy has held for too long.

Preparation for Harvest

Here is a summary of the three levels of freedom and what they represent for us today:

  1. Deliverance from Egypt – Freedom from outward slavery, demonic oppression and physical infirmity.
  2. Learning God’s ways – Freedom from inward slavery and limited mindsets. Discovery of the depths of covenant relationship with God. Inner transformation. Understanding the Spirit realm.
  3. Inheriting the Promised Land – Freedom of expression. Fulfilling our unique destinies. Great authority to disciple the nations (many express this as the seven mountain mandate).

Israel progressed from one level of freedom to the next as a whole nation. We are entering a season in the church in which all three levels of freedom will advance simultaneously. Many churches and ministries will be uniquely gifted and called to focus on just one of these levels of freedom. God is preparing us for a great harvest. Each stream of revelation must be strongly established so that people can easily progress from initial salvation to the fullness of their God ordained destinies. Each level of freedom has a different emphasis. If these emphases are advanced in the wrong way they can be used to come against the other levels of freedom. God is raising up prophetic and apostolic messengers who see the big picture. They will be entrusted with great authority to bring understanding and clarity about the whole process. This is God’s mercy so that we don’t end up fighting with each other.

The enemy fears our cry for freedom. Each level of freedom is only possible because a deep heart cry is ignited within us. We must determine to keep going until we live in the full measure of freedom that God intends for us (Ephesians 4:13).

© 2017 Nathan Shaw.

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