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An Encounter With Jesus – Sue Nesbit

Twenty years ago I had a powerful encounter with Jesus. Recently God prompted me to share this encounter because of its significance for the times in which we live. I was in a Holy Spirit meeting in the town of Mosgiel, New Zealand. Holy Spirit came upon me powerfully. I was lying on the floor face down and a vision opened before me.

There was someone standing before me. His whole body reached to the heavens. Starting at His feet my vision slowly traveled up His body until I reached His face. His eyes were looking at me. It was Jesus. His gaze was deep and intimate. I knew He would give me anything I asked for. He said to me, “What do you want?” I said, “Souls!”

Suddenly I was caught up into the heavens. I hovered in what looked like a darkish space. Jesus was standing at a distance from me. I could see His face. He was searching my heart. He was not frightening but He did not emanate love either. He spoke to me but not in an earthly language. His voice was like the sound of many waters. The sound came toward me in waves and my spirit absorbed it. It was so much more than anything we can imagine hearing on earth. He pointed at me. Profound authority hit my spirit. Suddenly the nation of New Zealand opened up underneath me.

I looked down and saw a bright light over Mosgiel. With authority I pointed to the light and said, “This one Lord!” Blood dropped on to the light and began to spread out. As that happened I was suddenly at the bottom of New Zealand.

I could see many towns and cities. They were covered in light. I began to stride with authority over New Zealand from the bottom to the top. As I marched I pointed at every light saying, “This one Lord!” Each time I did this blood would drop on to the light and spread out into the surrounding areas. When I reached the top of the North Island of New Zealand I found myself back in the meeting, lying on the floor.

Through this encounter I was impacted with the sound of eternity in the voice of Jesus. I felt the intensity of His heart for souls and for the nation of New Zealand. I believe He is releasing a profound authority for souls in our generation.

© 2015 Sue Nesbit.

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