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The Wisdom of the Bee - Ian Johnson

I sat with Wisdom as she spoke from the gate.

I awoke with these words.

The Bee goes in search of the pleasure of nectar and as a side issue collects pollen to sustain the life of others. Many think we should be as busy as a bee when in actual fact the bee is in search of the pleasure of nectar. My search therefore is for the nectar of God and in its discovery I am ecstatic with joy. As a side issue the wisdom I collect along the way is yours for free. Therefore I yield to the pursuit of heavens nectar found in HIM.

Mankind spends much time running around thinking that they have to be busy little bees working for God. But they have misunderstood the reason a bee is so busy. It is busy because it is in search of the pleasures of nectar. If we drink wine we become influenced by it, and likewise when we drink the sweet nectar of Gods presence we are influenced by Him. In the drinking of the wine of God we are released into an ecstatic joy that flows out into the world and transforms our environment. So today if we are to be a busy little bee, may it be in the pursuit of the nectar of His presence.

© 2014 Ian Johnson.

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