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Dream: Mrs Tipper and God's Favor - Nathan Shaw

Recently I had a dream. In my dream I was talking on the phone to a Mrs. Tipper. She was excited because God had shown her three things that were about to happen in my life. She didn't tell me what the three things were, just that they were going to happen. It was several days later before I realized the meaning of the dream. I was talking with Mrs. Tipper because God wanted to give me a tip off.

Tip offs inform us about something that is going to happen. More importantly for me, the dream not only informed me about things that were going to happen, it reassured me that I was on the right path. There are many road signs that give clear directions on how to reach certain destinations. But often as helpful to arriving at a destination are the small signs that display the number of the highway. These signs reassure travelers they are on the right road. Some times we can be so busy seeking the big signs of direction from God that we miss the small signs of encouragement that reassure us we are on the right path.

This dream came to me when I was involved in a task which involved three months of intensive computer work. It was a task God had prompted me to do but the level of concentration and investment of time was causing me to question whether I had in fact heard Him correctly. It seemed to me that I could be doing far more spiritual things than sitting at a computer. Several weeks after having this dream God spoke to me again. He said, "I am going to tip things in your favor." That's a word of encouragement that we all need to hear. It's helpful to remember that despite our best efforts to serve God our success comes down to one thing: God's favor.

Consider Jesus' life. When He was on the earth He faithfully walked the path that was set for Him. Eventually it led Him to the cross. In the natural the situation looked hopeless. The multitudes who had been powerfully impacted by Jesus' ministry were in disbelief. The Man who had healed them, delivered them, inspired them, challenged them and given them hope was dead and buried in a tomb. The national despair was tangible.

After one day in the grave nothing changed...

After two days in the grave still nothing changed...

However, after three days in the grave God tipped things in Jesus' favor. He was gloriously raised from the dead. When God tips the scales of justice the result is resurrection.

In my dream Mrs. Tipper was excited about the three things that were going to happen in my life. Even as she was speaking to me I prophetically knew what one of the three things was. After having the dream I also began to sense what the other two things were. All three pertained to things I was called to in God. They were also areas I had experienced significant amounts of pain. She was speaking about three literal events but three is also the number of resurrection.

Although my dream spoke to me personally about specific situations it has a much bigger application for the body of Christ. No matter what we are going through or how difficult circumstances are, God can tip things in our favor in a moment of time. In fact, it only takes God to tip things in our favor to radically change whole situations. Our responsibility is simply to stay on the path of life.

Many dreams, callings and destinies in the body of Christ have died. Hearts have been devastated. Tears have been shed. God is going to resurrect the dreams, the callings and the destinies of His sons and daughters. It may not happen on the first day. It may not happen on the second day. But on the third day – when all hope of fulfillment seems gone – God will resurrect it in glory. At the end of the day it isn't going to matter so much how things appear in the present. What will matter is which way things tip.

No matter what you are going through hold on to the hope of Jesus' resurrection.

And remember...

He is faithful.

© 2014 Nathan Shaw.

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