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The Coming Glory Dream - Sue Nesbit

There were quite a few people standing on the platform waiting for the train. The style of dress was about 1800. The men looked very smart with suits, walking sticks, hats and bow ties. The ladies had full dresses, hats to match and little umbrellas with frills around the edge. I was standing there with them waiting for the train. Everyone was calm and pleasant.

I glanced down the track to the right and saw a darkish green train coming. The train had black rims around it. It was so awesome to look at it took my breath away. It was shining, gleaming and carried an atmosphere of power that impacted and overwhelmed me. Fear and awe gripped my heart. Never in my life had I seen a powerful, perfect train like this. Never.

Something caught my attention to the left so I turned and looked. To my horror there were groups of people with pretty picnic tables placed all over the track. They were laughing, eating, fellowshipping and having a wonderful time. They were completely oblivious to the train hurtling down the track toward them. The vision froze.

The Lord spoke. His voice was serious and urgent.

"Get ready for the anointing! Get your heart right with Me!"

© Sue Nesbit.

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