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Eagles and Crows – Tammy Uys

Vision Received 4th December 2017

I heard a voice say, “Come up and see.”

When I entered heaven I saw a very unusual scene: A battle in the heavens but displayed on a huge L.E.D. screen. All of heaven was watching. There were thousands of eagles engaged in a fight with crows. The eagles represented prophetic and intercessory ministry and the crows represented unclean thoughts and deeds. There were many more crows than eagles and the battle was fierce. Many eagles dropped out of the fight wounded or even dead. I stood there totally shocked.

When I got my bearings I went to Wisdom and asked her, “What is happening? Why is the Lord not doing anything? Why am I here? What should I do?” She replied, “You have come up here because the Lord wants to show you the present reality and what needs to be done about it.” I stood still and waited. I could feel the eyes of the cloud of witnesses upon me and did not know what to do. I also knew that the tutors—the seven spirits—were there, as well as all of the other powerful attributes.

Suddenly I had an idea. I called out, “Who of you knows what to do and would you please come and help me.” Purity and Faith approached along with some people I did not know. I had a sense that they had been part of past revivals and moves of God. William Booth was one of them. He spoke,“Whenever the enemy comes in like a flood the Lord raises up a standard. The remnant will rally around this standard. Your job is to call them around the standard. Release the sound for the season and the sound of the Bridegroom. The eagles will hear the sound and start to stand in the knowledge that they are His. He needs them to be pure.” Purity continued, “To the pure everything is pure. I have been shut out of the lives of those who have allowed ungodly thoughts to take hold. They have stopped applying the disciplines of restraint and have justified it by saying, ‘We are free’ and ‘These things are part of the old covenant.’ If ungodly thoughts are not stopped they penetrate people’s minds and souls.”

I looked and saw the Father approaching us. He wore a simple garment rather than the normal regalia. I had not seen Him like this for a long time. He stood in front of me and said, “This mind-set and attitude can only be conquered by repentance and taking on the spirit of humility. I want you to put this on and then stand in the gap for the eagles. Release the specific sound of humility which all of them know but many of them have forsaken.” I stood speechless, overwhelmed by the responsibility of the task.

Faith approached and encouraged me, “Of course you cannot do this alone but this is the season in which you and I will ride and fly together. The more you spend time with me the bolder you will become. I will change your perception of things. You will look at mustard seeds and see trees. You will look at swamps and see beautiful gardens.” She touched my eyes. A thin gauze-like veil fell off. While I watched it fall she added, “This is what happens when you look too long on that which you see in the natural. Every time you look with my eyes...” And with that she touched them again. My vision suddenly became multidimensional. It was so bright and strong I had to close my eyes.

When I opened them again the Father said, “Look at me.” As I did I saw the most amazing sight. The simple garment that the Father wore was now a most elegant mantle made out of gold and spun light and embroidered with diamonds and other gemstones. I was looking at the same garment but it looked radically different. When we see with the eyes of Faith we see reality, we see like the Father sees.

Suddenly I knew what to do. I grabbed Faith by the hand, opened my mouth and released the sound of the Father, the sound of the Bridegroom and the sound of humility. As I did this I saw millions of beautiful garments released from the storerooms of heaven and onto the battlefield. The eagles received them. The pure brilliance of the mantles blinded the crows who were forced to retreat. But then a most amazing thing happened. When the eagles went back to earth the beautiful garments changed into simple garments just like the one I had seen the Father wearing. Suddenly I understood: Humility covers us in a simple garment on the earth, but in the heavens it is such an incredibly powerful garment that the enemy cannot stand its sight. Humility is what separates the immature from the mature and the mature are the ones who will obtain the victory.

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© 2017 Tammy Uys.

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