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Meeting the Seven Spirits of God – Tammy Uys

The prophet Isaiah reveals seven aspects of God's Spirit (Isaiah 11:2).

  1. The Spirit of the LORD.
  2. The Spirit of Wisdom.
  3. The Spirit of Understanding.
  4. The Spirit of Counsel.
  5. The Spirit of Might.
  6. The Spirit of Knowledge.
  7. The Spirit of the Fear of the LORD.

In the experiences that follow I meet with the Seven Spirits and learn important lessons from them.

The Spirit of Counsel – 3rd of February 2017

I saw a door and was invited to go through it. After I came through the door I was greeted by the Spirit of Wisdom. She gave me a mantle to put on (Wisdom is often personified as a woman in the book of Proverbs). As soon as I put the mantle on my vision was enhanced. The surroundings were instantly more colourful, vibrant and alive. The Spirit of Wisdom took me by the hand and led me further in. I wanted to speak to her but she said, “Be quiet for now. I will explain things as you need to know them.” She knew who I wanted to meet so I relaxed and allowed myself to be led.

We were walking on a path which led into a countryside. It was a beautiful natural setting with no houses or dwellings. The way was rugged. I could feel many watching us as we walked. I could sense their anticipation. I started to ask myself where we were going. Without saying a word the Spirit of Wisdom spoke to my heart: “Relax. I know where we are going, who you want to meet, and even what will happen.” I made a conscious decision to relax. Immediately my vision became even brighter and clearer. The Spirit of Wisdom smiled at me. She knew what I was experiencing. We continued. The more I chose to trust and have faith, the clearer the path became.

Eventually we came to a big tree. There was a person waiting for us. He looked distinguished. I felt awed in his presence. He looked like a gentleman from an old film but his smile was incredible and welcoming. He invited me to join him. After greeting me he said, “It is so good of you to come and search for me. I have been waiting for you. I know that you need me in order to navigate the path that you are on. Mostly people only think about me. Few people actually pursue me—and even then it is mostly only because they are in an emergency. But you need me every day.” I started to speak. He listened in such an incredible and special way. I started to understand things even as I was asking. He expanded my mental ability just by me asking.

He smiled as I was thinking this and said, “Yes this is one of the side effects when you start walking with me. I am here to help you learn and grow. The more you ask the more I will show you. The more you hunger for truth the more you will know that which is true and real and also the directions you should take. Counsel is about pursuing the heart of the Father. As soon as you focus on His heart I come to you and advise you. I reveal His heart and the right way to go about things. I am a passive and an active tutor. When you meet my companion, the Spirit of Might, you will understand why. When you take my advice and action it immediately, you will see mighty exploits. At those times the Spirit of Might will be with you. But you will meet him at another time. There is a season and timing of the Lord to each of these encounters.”

The Spirit of Wisdom – 12th of February 2017

I met the Spirit of Wisdom a second time. She is very patient. She keeps in the background but the presence around her is very attractive. This causes those who are hungry to be drawn to her. This time I was drawn to her by the way she embraced me. Her big arms totally enveloped me. I just wanted to be close and melt into her embrace. It gave me a feeling of safety, rest and calm. All stressful emotions went. She held me until I was totally relaxed and almost giddy. It gave me a new sense of identity and belonging.

She spoke to me while I was in her embrace: “If you embrace wisdom you will know your heavenly DNA. The more you spend time with me, the more you will know the deep things of the Spirit, and I will reveal the mysteries of God. You will come to know the deep love the Father has for you and the rest of humankind. If you stay close and let me embrace you, unauthorized thoughts and emotions will go. You don’t need to perform to earn God’s love. You have heavenly DNA. When you are connected to me and rest in me, Holy Spirit stem cells immediately repair any damage. People often hide from me because they think when they meet me all fun will be gone. They couldn’t be more wrong. In me they will find true freedom. Freedom that leads to outrageous fun and true joy!”

The day after having this experience I read the following passage from the The Message Bible:

You’re blessed when you meet Lady Wisdom, when you make friends with Madame Insight. She’s worth far more than money in the bank; her friendship is better than a big salary. Her value exceeds all the trappings of wealth; nothing you could wish for holds a candle to her. With one hand she gives long life, with the other she confers recognition. Her manner is beautiful, her life wonderfully complete. She’s the very Tree of Life to those who embrace her. Hold her tight—and be blessed! (Proverbs 3:13-18).

A Visit With The King – 23rd April 2017

I saw a door slowly opening and the most beautiful light shining out from behind it. The light was warm and inviting. A path of beautiful stones led to the door. As I came closer I saw a stairway with seven stairs representing the Seven Spirits of God. After this stairway there was another short path and then three steps up to the door.

As I approached I felt an increasing presence of the fear of the Lord. A mantle descended on my shoulders. I felt a hand on my shoulder and elbow as if to assure me that I was not alone. It had looked like a short path but it took a long time to walk it. I needed the length of the path to get accustomed to the strong presence of the Seven Spirits and the gifts they imparted to me. Suddenly I felt a crown on my head and I was wearing another dress. The dress was spun out of light and felt very special.

Wisdom took my hand and we started to skip joyfully down the path. I just knew it: I was going to meet with the King! My heart started to pound with excitement. Suddenly thoughts came on me like unwelcome visitors, “Am I ready? Am I worthy?” The thoughts became accusing, “You will not make it. You have failed so many times.” It made me agitated. The Spirit of Understanding came closer and touched my heart and I was able to think clearly again. “I know I am loved. I am worthy. I have been made clean. I am a daughter of the King—forever and always.” I stopped and started to shout, “I am a daughter of the King!!!” All the unwelcome thoughts were forced to flee.

I could feel the approval of my tutors but could not see or feel them anymore. Still I knew they were there, watching proudly as if I had passed a test and was ready to proceed to the next level. I arrived at the three steps, stopped, and waited. The light spilled out onto me and I was bathed in its warmth. I had no doubt that I was a special guest of the King. I fully expected He would be dressed as a king. I got a big surprise when He appeared as the Lion of Judah. He stood there and just looked at me. He was awesome—huge and beautiful. I stood still at the bottom of the stairs and sank to my knees in awe. Although I could not stand my eyes never left his face. He had the most awesome eyes. I expected them to be brown but they were full of colors that were changing all the time!

After a while He started to speak. I expected He would roar but instead it was a soft whisper. The words went straight to my heart.

“I am so pleased that you have come and that you have passed this test. You are my daughter—uniquely special and precious beyond words. Not only are you invited into My presence, you have access at all times. This is the beginning of a new chapter in your journey. You have traveled well and experienced many things but now you will see more of Me and My kingdom. I am inviting you to the other side of the veil. I want you to be a first witness of things to come and a scribe of the things you experience. You will taste the new wine and be part of the new tribe of the Lion of Judah. You will be a shining one who will carry the beauty of My holiness and the weight of My glory. The sound of My frequency and My power will pour through you. People will be set free and step into My light.”

While He was speaking the light around Him changed. There was so much life in the light. It was alive with sound and color. The light, the sound and the color came around me and soaked right through me. It particularly came around my head and my mouth. I opened my mouth to drink but the most amazing thing happened: I drank it in with my heart but it came out my mouth. The overflow was the most beautiful stream of colors, water and sound that I have ever experienced. It was pure delight. I could not believe that it was coming forth from my mouth.

As I continued the Lion joined me. His sound was the true foundation but I was allowed to translate it through my unique song. Two sounds became one—He in me and I in Him. So this was the origin of the sound of heaven and of the Lord! I fell to my knees again and worshiped. He helped me to worship. I cannot describe it better. Incense and fragrance rose up. The sound amplified as angels joined us.

Suddenly I saw the cloud of witnesses. As one we all sang the new song. The Lion, myself, the angels, the cloud of witnesses—sound within sound within sound. I started to see strands of my spiritual DNA which I had never been aware of before. They were being aligned with and through the sound. Deformities were made right. Healing flowed. The notes went right into my DNA. It was incredible. I became sound.

Meeting Purity, Prudence and Self-Control – 8th of June 2017

I stepped through a door. On the other side I heard a beautiful song. It was of such ethereal beauty that my heart contracted almost painfully. I wanted to find the source of the song so I started to search. The song became louder and louder. It began to penetrate my whole being. My spirit, my soul, my senses, even my body were filled with the frequency of the sound. I also smelt a beautiful fragrance of worship.

Eventually I came to a waterfall. The water before the waterfall was not deep so I waded through it and stood under the cascading water. It was a soft spray of water over me but the sound was overwhelming. As I stood there I saw a door opening through the water and into another realm. The water and the sound filled me, refreshing and energizing every part of my being. I had no fear and went through the door into the unknown. The sound was still there but now it had become very personal. I realized that this was my song, the song my DNA was creating. After going through the water I had a new fullness and a new richness.

I found myself in a hallway. I thought it would be dark but gemstones were shining and giving off an awesome and very beautiful light. The gemstones were blue, emerald green and turquoise. The frequency of the light resonated with me and created an awesome three dimensional harmony—it was as if I could see the sound. The harmony fine-tuned me. Anything in me that disturbed the harmony was polished out and replaced with the perfect sound. This made me so happy. Joy bubbled up and overflowed through me.

As I kept moving I found myself in a bigger room. It was like a living room but more formal. There was light coming from a source that I could not detect. It seemed the light was in the walls and atmosphere itself. It was alive, pure and holy. When I entered the light concentrated in me. As I stood there trying to grasp what was happening someone tapped me on the shoulder.

I turned around and was thrilled to see Purity in a form I could touch. She smiled, embraced me and spoke. “I am so glad you came. I have waited to meet you. You and I will walk together and I will introduce you to some of my friends.” Then I saw Prudence and Self-Control (Proverbs 8:12). I was eager to connect with them because I knew how desperately I needed their tutorage. They smiled when they saw me coming and embraced me as well.

The Lesson – 5th July 2017

I was a bit shy. I knew my thoughts and my speech were not always pure. Not to mention my decisions, which were not always made with prudence. They could read my thoughts and feelings. Wisdom came and stood before me, “My dear girl, look into my eyes and tell me what you see?” She held me very close, nearly an embrace, or as if we were dancing. I looked into her eyes. I could see a reflection of myself but wow, I had never seen myself that way before.

I wore a beautiful white princess dress. It was like the dresses described in old storybooks—the type worn when being presented to society or before a king or queen, a “coming out” dress for girls ready to step into maturity. I was satisfied, radiant, and extremely joyful, but the look on my face also expressed longing and desire for something more. Satisfied but hungry—it was a strange combination.

As I kept looking I felt something changing in my innermost being. Suddenly I felt the loving arms of my Father. Wisdom stepped back and my heavenly Papa embraced me. He whispered in my ear, “Do I not always tell you that you are My Tirzah (Song of Songs 6:4), My beloved, My Hephzibah (Isaiah 62:4)? Believe it. Embrace it. You can trust Me. I know who you really are and how you really look. I see you as beautiful, pure and fully in love with me.”

I became overwhelmed by the proximity of the Father. The song began. It was even more beautiful than before. The fragrance enveloped us. “What you are experiencing is Me and you together. The unique fragrance is your love and My love intertwined. No one else has this fragrance. It belongs to us. Also the sound—it is My song, intertwined with your song—who you are in Me. You are already emanating this sound. As you embrace this it is also how the spiritual world sees you. But the veil is being taken away. You are in your “coming out” season—mature, young and fresh, but not marred by your past, hindered by your hurts, or held back by your experiences! It is a new season and I am your Bridegroom Lover”

As the Father said this He changed into my Lover. I laid my head on His chest. Suddenly I could see His sound and my sound emanating together. It was visible sound DNA. The different strands had shiny colors. His DNA was the gold strand weaving through all and giving it an etheric shine. We danced. The sound DNA was in the middle of us and the sound and the fragrance surrounded us. The longer I danced with Him the more I knew I was the woman I saw in the eyes of Wisdom. He smiled and said, “Yes, when you spend time with Me like this you become aware of how I see you and who you really are with Me, in Me and through Me.”

Then suddenly we stood on the top of a high mountain. A steep ridge fell away below us. He held me close to Himself. The wind was blowing and it was getting cold but I could hide in the strength of His arms. He whispered to me softly but very clear, “Every time you dance with Me in intimacy and you feel the release of the fragrance and the sound it will be a sign that I am calling you to Myself. Then we will fly together and I will show you things to come. You will carry that frequency. If you stay close to Me you will release particles of My glory wherever you go. People will start to see, hear and smell My glory. You will be a carrier of My glory.”

As I stood there all the insecurity in my life started to manifest. I was full of impurity and unworthy of such a high call. I tore myself away from Him, forgetting that I was standing on the peak of a mountain. I fell off the ledge. It was a terrible sensation. I screamed out, “Abba!!!,” but kept falling. Suddenly I felt eagle wings next to me. “Turn around and hold onto Me.” I was falling head first so I had to make a conscious decision to turn myself upright. It took me a while but I no longer felt horrified because the eagle was beside me. After I turned (repented) He came beneath me and I landed safely on His wings.

My breath was ragged and my heart was racing, but I understood the lesson clearly. This was now the season of maturity. Every step had a consequence. I could no longer allow past emotions of fear and failure to dominate. They would cause me to move away from the Lord and start to fall. But even if I did fall I could make a conscious decision to turn myself upright and stand strong. He would always catch me and we would always fly further.

The Spirit of Might – 8th August 2017

I was thinking about the Spirit of Might and suddenly he was there. He took me by the hand. I could not see his features but I could feel his touch and his strength. We started to walk through a tunnel. I could see a light in the far distance but in front of me it was totally black. The light did not blind me—it just served to guide me through the tunnel.

Without warning the Spirit of Might tugged my hand. Straight away I had no physical sight. I could still hear clearly and my ability to smell and feel—both externally with touch and internally with my heart—were heightened. I felt secure as he led me through the dark. He spoke reassuringly, “Your lack of physical sight is for your protection. It prevents you from seeing the things that would frighten you. Relax and see what I am showing you. Look with your inner vision and hear with your inner ears.” I made a deliberate decision to trust him to lead me safely.

As I tuned in with my inner perceptions I saw beautiful blue flowers. I also heard a melody like flowing water. The sight and sound enveloped me with peace and tranquillity. I was able to let go of all control and anxiety. We walked along a small river. I was reminded of another vision in which I was walking along a river in the dark. Reading my mind the Spirit of Might replied, “This is not the same path. You have progressed from that path. This is a new place.” He continued to lead me through his touch. His touch was like the hand of the Father—firm but also full of love and tender care. It made me feel very safe. I longed for my heavenly Father’s touch and realized how much I needed it.

Once again I started to hear the external sounds that surrounded us. The sounds were frightening. The Spirit of Might responded to my fear, “You are now in a season in which circumstances and realities will frighten you if you concentrate on them. But don’t fear. I will show you what to do. See with your spiritual eyes and hear with your spiritual ears. Do this instead of focusing on the people, the situations and the circumstances that surround you. Outward things will try to distract your focus and grab your attention but focus inwards and I will lead you through the dungeon.” I continued to focus on my inner perceptions but suddenly my mind became anxious again. Because I couldn’t see I became hesitant about where I should step. The Spirit of Might interrupted my anxious thoughts, “Every step is a step of faith. Focus on one step at a time. Stand and take a break if you need to, but do not stop, and do not turn around. Never go back.” God had reminded me of this wisdom so many times. I obviously needed to hear it again and again.

As we continued walking the surface of the path changed. Before it had been stony and a little sandy. Now it was softer and slightly muddy. The temperature also changed and the air became fresher. I heard the sound of music again. This time it emanated from the Spirit of Might. The sound went back and forth between us. As it did this the bond between us became even stronger. It made me feel very secure. Without warning the Spirit of Might lifted me into his arms. His strength infused into my weak, pained and inflamed body. The power and the presence of God enveloped me. God spoke directly to my heart, “With trust comes strength, and with strength comes joy. The joy of the Lord is your strength but the reverse is also true—the strength of the Lord gives you joy.”

Suddenly my outer sight returned. Because I was being carried I was looking backwards over the shoulder of the Spirit of Might. I could see my steps in the mud. I was surprised to see that even where the Spirit of Might had carried me it was still my footprints. At that point the footprints were deeper because his might was with me. His voice broke in on my musings, “These are the footprints of eternity. You leave these when you go in my might, my strength, and my joy. If you trust the Lord, see with your inner eyes, and hear with your inner ears, you will walk by faith, and not by sight. David understood this well. That’s why he said, ‘Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will not fear, for You are with me.’ So do not fear. Don’t look at the shadows. Instead, fix your eyes on that which has true substance.”

The Spirit of the Fear of the Lord – 22nd October 2017

As I entered the realm of heaven I was captured by the atmosphere of anticipation. I could hear angels singing, “Holy, holy, holy.” It was a different location than I had been before. It seemed like I was walking through the New Jerusalem. It was beautiful. Everything I saw, walked on, and touched, vibrated with life. I appeared to be totally alone but I knew this was part of my encounter.

I inquired, “Lord, where should I go? What do You want to show me? What do you want to teach me?” I heard no answer but I felt a slight touch on my right shoulder, guiding me into a different direction. I followed this guidance and came to a big hall. Several doors led in different directions. They were all closed so I was unsure where to go. Suddenly I felt the eagle on my left shoulder. He spoke, “You have to make the choice where to go but don’t do it lightly. Choose well.”

I was even more perplexed now. I stood still, calmed myself, and invited Wisdom to walk with me. Wisdom appeared and hugged me. “Well done. I am always there for you when you ask for Me.” “Where I should go?” I asked. “There are several tutors waiting to meet you as well as many in the cloud of witnesses. You need to decide who you would like to meet first. That door will then draw you close and you will be able to enter freely.”

I contemplated for a moment and made a decision. I had not yet encountered the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord. I felt both anticipation and apprehension but I knew it was time to meet Him. One of the doors started to glow and I felt drawn to approach it and enter. As soon as I came to the door I saw that there was no handle. Wisdom explained to me, “It is your hunger and thirst for the mysteries of God which draws you into these encounters.”

I stood before the door and asked the Lord to take me in. I closed my eyes because I was nervous. When I opened my eyes I was in a room filled and lined with red velvet. A sweet fragrance and a blue light came from one of the corners. I approached the corner and paused for a moment. I called out, “Spirit of the Fear of the Lord, will you please reveal Yourself to me?”

For a while nothing happened. Then suddenly the atmosphere changed. A soft wind started to blow and a weight came on me. It wasn’t a heavy crushing weight, rather it covered me like a warm heavy mantle. It filled me with a profound sense of awe. I went down on my knees and fell flat on my face. The presence of the Lord started to fill the room. There was such intense electricity in the atmosphere. I could feel it everywhere around me, like pins and needles on my skin. While I was still face down I felt the urge to sing, “Holy, holy, holy.” I did so with my face to the ground. I could not move.

After a while someone lifted me to my feet and spoke. “I have waited a long time for you to seek Me. I am glad you finally chose to meet Me. I am one who can lead you into the depth of the Father’s heart. I will guide you where you should go. When you have learned to depend on My presence and you know not to move when I am not present, you will have learned one of the greatest lessons of the kingdom.”

I finally opened my eyes as I was curious to see the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord—but I could not see Him. All I could see was an electrified mist that surrounded me. The mist penetrated me deeply. Once again I felt the urge to kneel. The voice said, “Whenever you come to the place of full surrender and give all your strength and ability to the Lord, I will come and fill you. I am the beginning of all wisdom. I will help you to make better decisions.”

His words penetrated me like oil and electricity. It felt like I was standing in a torrent of power. The current seemed to accumulate around the areas of doubt and unbelief still hidden in my heart. It got warmer and warmer and suddenly it felt like I had a raging fire burning within me. It got so intense that I couldn’t bear it any longer. I cried out, “Help me Lord! I know You are a consuming fire! I yield Lord, I yield!” After a while the burning subsided. I knew that He had taken possession of a previously unsurrendered part of my heart. I was no longer holding the reigns. The doubt and fear were gone and instead I had a deep sense of security. It was as if His love had been fire branded into the depths of my heart.

As I lay there I could hear the sound of the angels getting louder and louder. When I opened my eyes I was once again in another place. This time I was close to the throne. I continued lying on the floor, overwhelmed by the presence of the Lord. His presence was indescribable—soft but also firm, hot like fire but cooling like a strong wind. I could hear the water of the river of life. The sound made me thirsty. I cried out, “I am thirsty. Can I come and drink?”

As soon as I said this a well of living water sprung up beside me. I rolled over and submerged myself in its refreshing waters. While I lay in the stream the water pooled around me and created a small lake. Others, who I did not see before, came and drank the water. They were refreshed, cleansed and renewed. Suddenly the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord was with me again.“All the experiences you have had you have been given to share with the people the Lord has assigned to you. Some you are still to meet. Some you have only met recently. Some you have known for years. Now is the time for the water which I am giving you to flow over them as well. Be the dispenser of My glory and My water of life.”

© 2017 Tammy Uys.

Tammy originally comes from Germany. She has been a missionary in South Africa for the last twenty years. Tammy has a calling to release the sound and the sword of the Lord to God's people. Tammy and her husband oversee Royal Rangers, South Africa (www.royalrangers.co.za).

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