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The Breaker Anointing – Tammy Uys

I distinctly heard God say, “Get ready to move in the breaker anointing.” I had never heard the term 'breaker anointing' before. I did a search on the internet and found an article by Jill Austin (Click here). Jill’s article confirmed the things God was speaking to me. The breaker anointing causes heaven to break in on the earth. It is time to move in this anointing.

There is a powerful shift happening right now. In the spirit realm there is a gateway of change. This gateway is kept open through prayer. When it is open the things that God has purposed for the earth are released and come into full manifestation. Angelic messengers are released through this doorway. These messengers are intercepted by demonic forces. They depend on our prayers to carry out their assignments.

The Door to Enter the Promised Season

I saw people standing in front of a closed door. The presence of the Lord was very strong around the door. A blue shimmering light emanated from it. The light was incredibly attractive and drew people to it. But there was no handle on the door. People came with stuff in their hands—good works, ministries, accomplishments, connections, big names etc. They pounded on the door, desperately wanting to go through it. It became clear that the door opened only by the pure force of hunger for God. You could only go through the door poor in spirit—empty but also expectant. As people laid down all of their stuff, hunger was ignited in their hearts. This hunger caused them to press themselves through the door. God was using people as the key!

Key People

Prophetic worship leaders and intercessors are some of these key people. They have a role like a guardian—nurturing and increasing the presence of God and then releasing hunger to those who want to enter. In Joshua’s day the priests led the way by faith. They were the first to step into the Jordan River and cross over into the Promised Land. In this new season, prophetic worship leaders, characterized by holiness, consecration and fearless resolve, will be among those who lead the way. Joshua led and encouraged the priests but they had to respond with faith and step into the overflowing river. These courageous priests are models for a new generation. May we follow their example.

© 2016 Tammy Uys.

Tammy originally comes from Germany. She has been a missionary in South Africa for the last twenty years. Tammy has a calling to release the sound and the sword of the Lord to God's people. She and her husband oversee Royal Rangers, South Africa (www.royalrangers.co.za).

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