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The Bible says David was a man after God's own heart. When men looked at David they saw an insignificant shepherd boy. When God looked at him He saw a man anointed as a worshipper, a warrior, a poet, a musician, an intercessor, a defender of widows and the fatherless, and a king who would rule with the heart of a shepherd. Above all else, David loved God's presence.

It is our vision to see a whole generation of Davids, both men and women, called forth in like manner.

Perhaps you are one of those Davids.

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Living in the Unseen Realms of God

Five part audio series with Kathie Walters and Nathan Shaw.


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Short Videos With Revival Excerpts

the childlike godthe laughing godecstatic joythe god of surprises

Audio Excerpts

The Laughing God - Nathan Shaw (15 minutes)
A short excerpt about the many ways God uses laughter to advance His kingdom.
The Banqueting Table - Nathan Shaw and Kathie Walters (9 minutes)
A short excerpt about the excitement of the angels who serve us at God's banqueting table.
The Deliverance Angel - Nathan Shaw (11 minutes)
A short excerpt about the unique angels each person has.
The Face of Jesus Encounter - Nathan Shaw (15 minutes)
A short excerpt about a very powerful encounter with the face of Jesus.
To listen to the full messages click here.


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